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  1. Happy Birthday :D, i hope that you will have a fun day ^^

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    2. Paul25


      Happy Birthday! ^_^ 

      Wishin' you a day full of wonderful and pleasant surprises :D 

      Never mind, A bit late wish though...

    3. TwinAero


      Oh, Belated thanks.  (´・ω・`)

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      You're welcome :D 

  2. I can only sneer at the idea that "Nothing can be worse than dying".
    If you can not even comprehend what kind of fuckery one has to deal with then how could you possibly be qualified to make that judgement?


    What I would do to be killed or euthanized. But no, here I am instead, breathing solely to fuel your denial. Never going to admit it, but you feel a sense of satisfaction don't you? Getting to torture someone like this free of retribution, the sense of power must be so addicting.


    1. Amine Chankey3ft7
    2. TwinAero


      Free me from this prison


    3. Amine Chankey3ft7

      Amine Chankey3ft7

      Chankey3ft7 shall free you, just believe uwu

  3. S3 Redemption Sign-Up Thread.

    HeartGold Card
  4. Hypocrisy

  5. Hypocrisy

  6. Stereotypes in Reborn?

    "Its because of toxic masculinity! Men need to be allowed to let their pent up emotions out! When they get stressed out and can't think clearly they don't respond as well as they could've!" - Amethyst ...is what my guess would be that is subconsciously going on for Ame. The females aren't flawless, but their "weaknesses" seem to affect more inward than outward. Titania's self loathing, Florinia's stoicism, Serra's midlife crisis, Shelly's withdrawal, Luna's eternal tea party. In contrast to Cal lashing out at others, Bennett over-eager to prove his own desirability, Corey's Skydiving, Sigmund spreading his pain, Radomus being cryptic.
  7. Happy telomere shortening anniversary! Will you be accepting gifts? I think I found something you will absolutely adore.
  8. I've seen many other indie creators that are based in US, and require a non-studio environment to work also tag numbers around that as the baseline for them to devote themselves to work on their projects full time. Maybe its a US economics thing that allow them to get by with those numbers?
  9. Meet the vets!

    Well then, so much for bridging the rift. (・ิ_・ิ) What would you say, if any, is the biggest difference between the forums back then and now? And should I even be asking these here? or am I polluting the introduction thread?
  10. Meet the vets!

    Can... can we have a in depth brief description of how our Senpais first got into the community? Does everyone have ties to the game or are you here for something else? How big of a part does this play in your life? Is anyone going to stand up to the ongoing Budew genocide Amethyst is spearheading?
  11. BGM

    When you press F1 while the game window is selected, do you have both BGM and BGS selected? Is your volume under options toggled to 100?
  12. Set up a camp at the top of the grand gate. I'm not even kidding, neighbor count will be low, the view is going to be fantastic. Having that connecting line towards multiple cities is that much more convenient. Ametrine would have been a choice if I was did not have a x4 weakness to the cold.
  13. In a bit of a rut

    Would you prefer to do this with your personally trained team? Or would you like some traded mons as help?
  14. Is my team good?

    It kind of seems like a Weavile would have a field day on your team... Gardevoir - Physical stab Goodra - Physical Ice stab Sylveon - Poison Jab? (Probably the weakest part and your best counter in here) Greninja - Glass-cannon face off, but Weavile is slightly faster. Noivern - Ice stab Gengar - Physical dark stab
  15. Beating Shade!

    Do you still have Endeavor on your Slurpuff? Maybe you could bring it down low enough after taking a hit, then revenge killing it. Or you could buy a cotton candy and use Vulpix as switch bait to revive Charizard, giving you an extra turn to knockout Chandelure.