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    Crescent's motives [major v10 spoilers]

    i personally wonder what the mc connection to crescent are. 1 we have seen her brainwash and change the memories of others before this leads me to believe that she has done it to us sometimes before the game started. The reason i believe that is because the way madame x interacted with the mother of mc calling her toy and how crescent way to tell her to get us away from danger in the boat scene and after we "died" in blackstepp castle in bad future we see this pictures 2 she use far more energy to get us to quiet than to get rid of us (of course we have only seen her killing xen grunts before). with this i mean that if she simple wanted us to disappeared she has already had multiple chances for that for example when we destroyed xen lab in mount valros and she teleported us out or when she wanted us to live a normal life when we were still in the boat before the adventure even began i have some ideas why she does it but with time travel and magic they are a little crazy so i wont theorising but this is what i add to the post
  2. i am fighting the flying gym leader but for my strategy to work i need to find elemental seed but i don't manage to find any is it possible to get them in version 10
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    Where do I go next?

    paige to get nightmares leave the penthouse and talk to the guy outside he will tell you about a medallion he got and where he got it from if you still dont find it i write the location in the spoliers