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  1. Happy Birthday :D, i hope that you will have a great day ^^

  2. Banned

    Banned for telling the person above you to ban the person who banned him.
  3. Pokemon Word Chain

    Samurott (bonus points for both of the pokemon that I used being in the same evolutionary family)
  4. Ask the next person a Yes/No question

    Obviously yes. Would you restart your life if you had the opportunity?
  5. Ask the next person a Yes/No question

    Yes and no. I can very easily decry the purchases of people around me when it comes to things that are expensive individually (Eg. I refused to chip in on my brother's coffee machine that he bought and am thus am not currently permitted to use it despite us sharing a flat because a coffee machine is a completely unneccessary purchase), but I'm horrible at spending on a day to day basis when it comes to low priced goods like food and shit like that, where I'll spend just a bit too much just a bit too often and end up fucked. Would you say that you enjoy most/all genres of music? Motivate your answer for 3 marks (Also dogs are evil and make me sneeze)
  6. Pokemon Word Chain

  7. Banned

    Banned or distracting me when I should be studying
  8. The Age Weighing Scale Game

    110 *squints at Hycrox*
  9. Banned

    Banned for thinking that he shouldn't be banned
  10. Ask the next person a Yes/No question

    Lol most certaintly not, I live in the wrong continent. I wish tho Next Q: Do you often get fustrated because you can't get to the places where all the cool things happen that you really want to go to?
  11. Wonder Trade Sharing

    Soooo does Ame actually wondertrade with a profile with the ID 00000 or did I receive a hacked mon o.O Also: Dear whoever has a playthrough with MC Cack. Lucario is my favourite pokemon and I love you for letting me have one so early in the game, I hope the snivy that you got was a good one

    106 oh hell

    104 oh