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  1. Heal Korina, Hurt Grant Grant: 3 Korrina: 15 Valerie: 12 Wulfric: 12
  2. Hey guys. How you all doing? To put it simply, I'm starting a monotype run of reborn now, just selected my starter now and all that. I'm just a little worried about how it'll work out before Julia because my chosen monotype was fighting, and as you all know there are no fighting type pokemon that can be caught before the gym. So in essence, I'm putting this request out for anyone who feels like taking a bit of time out to trade me a fighting type that I can use for the battle, just so I don't end up going 1vs6 against Julia (I mean I know torchic is an amazing starter, but I'm pretty sure that I'm not good enough to win that match lol). It doesn't really matter what pokemon it is, but it's worth mentioning that I don't really have anything to offer in return aside from some random mon available between opel and peridot. The only thing that I can really give in return is an IOU really. But yeah, if any of you guys feel like you could help me with this, it'd be seriously appreciated.
  3. damn, almost went after Blue moon Speaking of which Blue Moon?
  4. well this is odd Lugruf
  5. Mine is a picture of L from Death Note. The full pic is here: I choose it basically because I find L to be a really interesting character purely because of how odd he is, as well as the fact that when I watched this scene (a really major one in the anime) I just laughed at how rediculous he looks in it. So I choose it because I like having a funny profile pic that also reflects my interests and this kinda nailed it.
  6. Yay for books. Top series most def A Song of Ice and Fire, mostly because even when I'm reading sample chapters for the 6th book the series is still throwing rediculous curveballs out of absolutely nowhere. (I mean really, anyone who's read a very particular WoW sample chapter will understand what I'm talking about). It's also got an absolutely beautiful amount of worldbuilding, really only second to the Lord of the Rings in my opinion. Lugrif gave a good enough description of it that I don't think I can add anything else really. I haven't really gotten very far in it, but Stephen King's The Dark Tower is also brilliant. Out of the other series on display, I would recommend Harry Potter; Warriors; Percy Jackson and all related literature; The Hunger Games (far more so than the movies, in this case); and Mortal Instruments.
  7. 1: Lucario 2: Lugia 3: Gallade 4: Metagross 5: Blaziken 6: Gardevoir 7: Heracross 8: Zoroark 9: Sceptile 10: Zebstrika
  8. ...To be honest I spent my daily allowance of creativity figuring out a title so uh, you may want to leave your expectations at the door. Anyways, my name is Brandon and after much thought and mindless ok maybe it wasn't mindless I'd never have gotten anywhere playing of your (brilliant, by the way) game I figured I'd actually make an account and join your forum. (Then I got an error message saying that "Jinan B" was already taken and figured out that I'd already gone part way through this train of thought last year.) Either way, I'm definitely looking forward to hopefully doing some interesting stuff as a member of your community. See you all soon!