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  1. Happy Birthday :D, i hope that you will have a great day ^^

  2. Jinan B


    Banned for telling the person above you to ban the person who banned him.
  3. Jinan B

    Pokemon Word Chain

    Samurott (bonus points for both of the pokemon that I used being in the same evolutionary family)
  4. Jinan B

    Pokemon Word Chain

  5. Jinan B


    Banned or distracting me when I should be studying
  6. Jinan B

    The Age Weighing Scale Game

    110 *squints at Hycrox*
  7. Jinan B


    Banned for thinking that he shouldn't be banned
  8. Jinan B

    Wonder Trade Sharing

    Soooo does Ame actually wondertrade with a profile with the ID 00000 or did I receive a hacked mon o.O Also: Dear whoever has a playthrough with MC Cack. Lucario is my favourite pokemon and I love you for letting me have one so early in the game, I hope the snivy that you got was a good one
  9. Jinan B


    106 oh hell
  10. Jinan B


    104 oh
  11. Jinan B


    100! Whoop