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  1. Redemption Weekly - FINAL

    Olivia 10/10 savage
  2. Heal Jasmine, hurt Flannery Jasmine: 19 Flannery: 13 Fantina: 10 Acerola: 20
  3. Heal Jasmine, hurt Flannery Jasmine: 22 Flannery: 15 Fantina: 11 Acerola: 22
  4. Banned

    Banned for telling the person above you to ban the person who banned him.
  5. Pokemon Word Chain

    Samurott (bonus points for both of the pokemon that I used being in the same evolutionary family)
  6. Cereal or milk first?

    How did this happen again it's only been like 5 votes since I fixed it. -43
  7. Ask the next person a Yes/No question

    Obviously yes. Would you restart your life if you had the opportunity?
  8. On the Search for Eggs!

    I would be able to get you ralts, larvesta, and tyrunt if you'd like ~
  9. Ask the next person a Yes/No question

    Yes and no. I can very easily decry the purchases of people around me when it comes to things that are expensive individually (Eg. I refused to chip in on my brother's coffee machine that he bought and am thus am not currently permitted to use it despite us sharing a flat because a coffee machine is a completely unneccessary purchase), but I'm horrible at spending on a day to day basis when it comes to low priced goods like food and shit like that, where I'll spend just a bit too much just a bit too often and end up fucked. Would you say that you enjoy most/all genres of music? Motivate your answer for 3 marks (Also dogs are evil and make me sneeze)
  10. Missing out on Mining

    gimme like 10-30 minutes and I'll PM you ^^
  11. Reborn Circuit [SMOU] - Round 2

    http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/reborn-gen7ou-85912 http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/reborn-gen7ou-85913 GGs to Divergent
  12. Custom field effects.

    Of course not, I put it here for a reason after all
  13. Custom field effects.

    Graveyard field? Primarily ghost type field boost, but benefits dark type too maybe. So somerthing liiiike: Ghost attacks x1.5 Dark attacks x1.2 Normal type attacks fail? "Fear" based attacks are boosted (like say growl lowers attack double, ominous wind gets 20% chance to boost all stats, shit like that) Psychic/fairy types take extra damage because of being susceptable to the surrounding energies? light based moves are weakened Just thought that up as I went really, so may well not be brilliant
  14. Pokemon Word Chain