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  1. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 🙂🍰

    1. TheLuca


      Oh, thank you! ^^

    2. LykosHand


      You're welcome 😄

  2. TheLuca

    [E18] Missing sticker

    2401 - Shayla - 415h 49m - 17 badges.rxdata
  3. Thats weird... Try to send your save file here then and maybe someone can fix it for you (sadly, im not able to do that)
  4. TheLuca

    About the Pokedex sidequest....

  5. You can use any Roggenrola tho Just catch Boldore and breed it. You can find one in Tanzan Depths and on route 2 and route 3.
  6. so hey, I do art! ... okay, thats not the best first impression ... well. Okay, next try. Howdy! Im TheLuca, but you can call me Luca or Shay or Shayla... but if you want to, you can call me whatever nickname you want! ... Just please let me know first I draw almost since I was born and I also graduated from art high school! Im not calling myself a pro, more like noob (I was worst in my class at high school lol), Im still learning and trying new stuff. Currently, after I realised that my lineart cant be worse and shadows/lights in new extra layer doesnt look good either, I tried something I tried few times before in past (but it looked horrible... smudge tool... burn tool... erhm... yeah...) and that was paintning all in one layer and without lineart like you do with acrylics in real life and voila! It looked good? Wow. Maybe all that lessons about paitning with acrylic colors were for something, hmm... Anyway, enough of this shitty rambling, lets go for some art! I also do sprites and traditional art btw !!! WARNING: MANY PICTURES AHEAD! !!! ..:: DIGITAL ART ::.. ..:: SPRITES ::.. ..:: REBORN STUFF ::.. ..:: REJUVENATION STUFF ::.. ..:: TRADITIONAL ART ::.. ..:: PRIMEVAL ERA (OLDER STUFF) ::.. ... so yeah, thats it. I will upload any new art I do here!
  7. my lil big baby boi


  8. TheLuca

    Requesting a Ralts

    There are plenty of them in Wonder Trade~
  9. TheLuca


    You dont need debug to obtain mon you want tho... There are other ways too, trickier, but lot easier once you know what to do (this is not rpg maker method). NOTE that Im not willing to use or distribute this mon anywhere or supporting this method, its just smart playing with game code I learned in Pokémon Insurgence. And Im pretty sure that it will be banned from online play anyway. EDIT: @Princess Titania wow dude, use atleast spoiler for that video if it must be that huge
  10. TheLuca


    Be patient, iirc, E19 will be the last one and then you will be able to get as many Zeraoras as you want. Just wait another year or so, its not that long if you dont think about that everyday. ... plus Im not even sure if Zeraora is programmed already.
  11. TheLuca

    [E18] Minor Errors

  12. gabuavatar.png.797df7c60c296e409aa7fc64f19fec52.pnggomamonav.png.01d80fc7ee69b67b6f1079d8c398a143.png


    2 of 8 done
    after I do all, I will edit them to circle shapes for pin buttons for artists alley

    and then I will propably do Undertale


  13. digimon ocs in pokemon style done so far



    ♂ / ♀ / ♀

    Ryouichi Takumi / Akane Noriko / Naomi Yuuna
    Impmon / Elecmon / Piyomon
    Crest of Confidence / Crest of Honesty / Crest of Grace


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    2. TheLuca


      @CodeCass Thanks!

      It is actually for my future digimon comics series 😄

    3. TheLuca


      here is full art of Takumi

      he will later change that scarf to goggles for story reasons (and its not only because that goggleboy thing)

      Ryouichi Takumi by Shaymin-Lea

    4. CodeCass


      Looks incredible. I can't wait to see more! 

  14. vsTakumi.png.0bbdc81128ddcb37486fea29f1557b04.png

    because my digimon ocs can have pokemon like vs sprite too

  15. TheLuca

    anything else?

    Actually, the newest episode of Reborn is 17.1.