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    Move Relearner won't teach old move...

    Prevo-only moves do not qualify for the range of the move reminder. I ran into this with Boomburst from Vibrava to Flygon yesterday and thought it was strange, but apparently that's how USUM behave still. The only moves you can remind are those from the level up pool (regardless of current level; this doesn't seem to be present in Reborn for balance reasons) and those the Pokémon was born with (egg moves, event moves).
  2. Elliot Gale

    [E18] Minor Errors

    This particular tile on route 1 clips, at least with Tauros. Edit: Actually, upon further inspection, that entire column acts the same way.
  3. Elliot Gale

    Holy Fields, Batman!

    Sashed Kricketune with Perish Song did the job the first time. :x Don't judge me! Evolving as early as it does combined with silly high base power on Fury Cutter made it really useful, and it never stopped being useful due to learning some field moves and the aforementioned cheese move.