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  1. I just tested this along with the other regional status-healing foods both in and out of battle. Out of battle they work fine, but in battle what you mentioned happens with every one of them. I checked their usability in battle in the items.txt file and it's set correctly for all of them (it's set to 1, which is for items that can be used in battle and disappear after being used), so I'm not really sure why this happens.
  2. Kommo-o x Tapu Koko: Kokko-o. Kommo-o is a komodo dragon: Kommodo-o. Kommo-o lays eggs: Mommo-o. Kommo-o eats: Nommo-o.

    1. Wolfox Glace

      Wolfox Glace

      Kommo-o meets Avatar Aang: Momo-o

    2. Another Retired Shipper

      Another Retired Shipper

      Kommo-o does a back flip: O-ommok

  3. Yugi's car runs out of gas: It's time to fuel!

  4. I've never had that happen before O_O I wonder if it's an issue with specific fonts, or if a certain set of battle circumstances makes it happen.
  5. Marshadow is angry: Marshmadow. If you look under a car, you can see the Carshadow. Marshadow uses Taunt: Harshadow. Marshadow is Water/Ghost: Warshadow (pun there is wash, not war)

  6. Thanks for letting me know I forgot Spinarak. I re-uploaded with it now available as a starter. I remember someone else mentioning that text getting smaller, but I haven't noticed it myself. It does sound like an Essentials issue, but if it happens again, would you be able to take a screenshot?
  7. Sprite revamps doesn't mean every single trainer sprite in the game is redone every episode* (assuming that's what you were thinking it means). Sprite revamps are for new trainers battled in the episode. I can't sprite or do any kind of art at all, so without Palletite's assistance all the trainers would just be recolors. Basically the process goes like this: 1. I complete the episode's story content. At this stage, the sprites are recolors of already existing Gen 4-5 trainer sprites. 2. Palletite does the sprites for the trainers battled in the episode 3. I upload the public release once the sprites are finished *some older trainer sprites like Crolea are also being redone, but not for ep 4 or any other specific episode.
  8. From Jan's 2016 AMA thread: "I think about 17. One episode will have 2 gym battles, and the second to last will be a story episode only. You'll have all the badges at this point, then the final episode will finish the game w/ Post game..."
  9. Oh, I do think there are. Not only with her appearing on that screen, but also with him saying "What should we do, Lizzie..." if you go upstairs at the Belrose house and see him confronting Laura. The reason I mentioned it being an interview with the real Sigmund was because based on the wording of your post (specifically "in the game"), it sounded like you weren't aware of the online league/them being real people.
  10. That was an interview with the real Sigmund. Every character in the game except Solaris, ZEL, Taka, and Sirius are real people from Reborn's online league from 2010-2014. Events in the game are based on events that happened in the online league as well as history from the real people.
  11. Celesteela x Steenee: Celesteena. Celesteela is a wheel: Celesteera. Celesteela is a horse: Celesteeda. Celesteela x Volcanion: Celesteema.

  12. What happens if Ditto uses Transform on another Ditto?

    1. Arkhi
    2. AuthorReborn


      I just so happened to be looking up the specific mechanics of Transform earlier today, funny how that works out. Basically, like Arkhi said, it will fail if used on Ditto or a Pokemon already transformed- with the notable exception of Gen I. In Gen I, if you are in a trainer battle where both you and your opponent only have a Ditto left, the battle will never end because Ditto continually transforms into itself, restoring its PP every time it does so. Since you can't run from trainer battles and Ditto can only learn Transform, you will be forced to soft reset your way out of the battle unless you have an infinity to kill. 

  13. That's Sigmund's sister Elizabeth. More info can be found here.
  14. Araquanid's bubble is a container: Araqualid. Araquanid has Run Away: Araquahid. Araquanid gestures yes: Araquanod. Araquanid is a pirate: Arraquanid.

    1. Jace Stormkirk

      Jace Stormkirk

      i just wanted to let you know to keep up with the puns

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