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  1. Luxray Taunts another Luxray: Suxray. Luxray can cure status conditions: Lumray. Luxray x Snorlax: Laxray. Luxray is Electric/Water: Luxbay.

  2. The V8 text error thread has been archived after the site update in the beginning of December, so it can't be replied to anymore. So I'll have to post the typo I found here. Ericks should be Erick.
  3. Episode 3 will come out as soon as Palletite finishes the sprites. Palletite finished midterms recently so has more time to work on them, and now there's only one trainer remaining plus the surfing sprites for the players.
  4. The honey quest isn't finishable yet to my knowledge. You can open the gate, but it's a time-locked sidequest. I believe it's available until you get on the train at West Gearen. You need to find April (who changes her name to Krystal on the train) in Amethyst Cave and follow instructions from there.
  5. I do think Connor is by far the most well-written between him, Fern, and Ren. I'd say Ren is the one I think needs the most work right now, but I've considered his "shadow of betrayal" thing possibly meaning he's actually spying on Team Xen and will double-cross them later, considering his talk with Crescent that we didn't see, which would make me like him more (I'd still think he's petty for the Goldenleaf grudge though). I think there's nothing poorly written about Connor at all. Actually, I'll change my target from Connor to Amelia. Hurt Amelia, heal Mana Aderyn: 13 Amelia: 12 Aurora: 20 Ava: 22 Baron: 20 Connor: 11 Emily: 20 Garrett: 25 Hardy: 20 Jarred: 21 Kuiki: 18 Lilith: 20 Mana: 24 Nova: 20 Rosetta: 18 Scarlett: 20 Sena: 20 Shiv: 18 Tristan: 21
  6. This is for people who are new to the game, or are just updating to E16 (for people who started with E15, they'd be new to updating the game and might need something like this).
  7. Yes. Legend Mode will be a separate download and you can choose to either play the game in the format it's always been in or play Legend Mode. (Legend Mode likely won't be coming until 2-3 weeks after public release though, assuming SPB gets internet back soon)
  8. The World Ends With Youtube 

  9. Typhlosion goes boom: Tysplosion. Typhlosion x Salandit: Tycorrosion. Typhlosion is Fire/Water: Tyflosion. Typhlosion's name is spelled wrong: Typosion.

  10. Who lives in a pineapple under the Seadra?

  11. Elesa is an Ice leader: Elsa

    1. doombotmecha


      Elesa is a Nohrian healer: Elise-a

  12. Speaking of Valor Mountain, I just found a talking rock? XD
  13. If Valor Mountain was all water: Valarie Mountain