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  1. About the lesser known but still canon part, I actually disagree about some of those being canon. Baby Lugia is from the anime, which I consider a separate universe from the games. Shadow Lugia is from XD, and Colosseum and XD were made by a different company called Genius Sonority. They could be neat references, but I don't really see a reason any of them apart from maybe AZ's Floette would be in the game. It may be worth noting though that Reborn's shiny Lugia sprite has Shadow Lugia's design. On a somewhat related note, Ame recently responded to an ask on tumblr about Ash Greninja. Her response was "listen. i do not acknowledge the existence of ash greninja. and ash ain’ in reborn. so neither is ash-greninja."
  2. Grant: 7 Korrina: 12 Valerie: 14 Wulfric: 12
  3. Toxapex is Flying: Toxapecks. Toxapex is Ghost: Toxahex. Toxapex is a dinosaur: Toxarex, or T-Rex. Toxapex is Rock: Roxapex.

    1. Mr. Divergent

      Mr. Divergent

      Toxapex is a bookworm: ToxaLex

      Toxapex is sealed: Loxapex

    2. Tartar



      Toxapex thinks it exists: Doxapex

      Toxapex thinks it's a figment of someone's imagination: Toxaporia

      (For those who hasn't read Plato and doesn't get the pun: Doxa and Aporia)


  4. @Jan you quoted Trevore but didn't respond to his Klefki with anything.
  5. If you've donated the required amount of money, it should be complete right away. If you're waiting to donate to another project, you can only complete one as of E16. The second project becomes available after the 15th badge, and the third after the 16th badge, so we have to wait until the next episode to donate to another one.
  6. I'm not really sure what could be causing this, but if you send me your save file, I'll try to find out what's happening and get past it for you.
  7. Will this be two separate games/downloads, or is it like Solar Light and Lunar Dark where it has two titles but is one game/download?
  8. The layout of topics in the "On the Hunt" subforum and a few others is extremely confusing. Posts seem not to be ordered by when they were posted, resulting in this happening: Because I didn't see the timestamp on laggless's post at first, I ended up replying to a post from four months ago that I thought was new (and that I already replied to before). I don't really know the reason topics are like this in some subforums, but at least for me, it does more harm than good. It also refers to all submitted topics as "Questions", which when I was originally making the relationship variable guide made me question if I was posting in the right place because I wasn't asking a question. Is there a way for individual users to change this layout, and if not, can one be considered (assuming it's possible)?
  9. I'm guessing you're asking about Rejuvenation and posted it in the Reborn section by mistake. There's an NPC named Luck in Gearen City who can change the difficulty mode. The first change is free. He's inside the tent, which IIRC is a little east of Venam's gym.
  10. Grant: 8 Korrina: 15 Olympia: 3 Valerie: 14 Wulfric: 14
  11. Aurora: 20 Ava: 23 Emily: 18 Garret: 37 Jarred: 18 Mana: 54 Nova: 33 Scarlett: 20 Sena: 20 Shiv: 2 Tristan: 23
  12. Comfey is a computer: Compey. Comfey gives foot massages: Comfeyt. Comfey x Combee: Combey. Comfey x Miltank: Cowfey.

  13. Julia, Corey, Shelly, Kiki, Noel, Radomus, Luna, Samson, Ciel.
  14. What's your favorite Normal/Flying type?

  15. Yeah, the Portal admins all have an animal theme with their teams. Quinn is his name because it's close to quack. I haven't done beta testing in a long time for shyness reasons, but if you're willing to test, that would be helpful Before the public release of ep 3 I was too confident in my own ability to find bugs and other issues, and that combined with shyness reasons led to me not doing beta. But there always ends up being issues I didn't catch or things I forget to do, which leads to episodes being re-uploaded many times. Palletite is the first person to receive episodes when they're finished, and when the sprite revamps are done, I would send it to you and any other testers for testing, after which would be the public release.