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  1. hmm sorry didn.t 

     Dear Skyter. but you could just told me normaly you know^^

    1. Ice Cream Sand Witch

      Ice Cream Sand Witch

      The top part of your message looks like it got cut off or you forgot to finish it. It just says "hmm sorry didn.t" and just ends there. 


      I'm guessing this is about the thread I moved, though? The posting in wrong section warn is the standard procedure for notifying users when their thread gets moved. We don't really post in the threads saying "moved to x section" or message the user unless we have a reason to do so outside of it belonging in another section. Like I mentioned in the warning, though, the posting in wrong section warning doesn't come with any warning points, so it's not a punishment in any way and isn't anything to worry about. 

  2. Happy Birthday, ICSW

    The same is happening to me. Strange.
  3. Happy Birthday, ICSW

    Thanks everyone!
  4. Happy Birthday! :) 

    Hope you have a wonderful day, and wish you good luck for all your future endeavors, health and prosperity!

    1. Yagami


      Happy birthday:),ICSW.Hope you have a great day.

    2. Ice Cream Sand Witch
  5. Happy birthday ICSW!! Pokemon Insurgence releases on your birthday which is awesome. I found this while going to catch a bus....Image0940.thumb.jpg.a06df98261309c8c80beb0e3a063281d.jpg

    I also have a birthday quote: Life is like a game, you'll never know how good it is until you go ahead.

    P.S.: The photo quality sucks coz I use a basic set cell phone. I'm a rough user, so the smartphones are no                good.

  6. Hey i have a question for you how do you feel about 1.2 being released on your birthday please do tell

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    2. Sapphire Mahala

      Sapphire Mahala

      OMG please do that because we all might be able to enjoy 1.2 a lot sooner if you do ( and ik that sounds real selfish but like i need this to happen we've been waiting too long for this update @Ice Cream Sand Witch

    3. Ice Cream Sand Witch
    4. Sapphire Mahala

      Sapphire Mahala

      brb ima follow you 

  7. Re-uploaded with the following fixes: -Corrected the internal names of U-Corsola and U-Musharna, so regular Corsola and Musharna should appear now instead of the U versions -Fixed a typo in Pheromosa's event where battle was spelled as "batte" @DarkDaemonSpade Thank you for mentioning that it happened with Musharna too. I assumed it was only happening with Corsola. @Mana Here is your save file. I've given you your team according to the info provided, and you also have every marble available up to the point you were at. I'm not sure if you've done the extra events in Virima City or not, so I didn't do them in case you haven't. All ranger and police sidequests are done, though. You'll probably want to use TMs and the move tutor for movesets as you mentioned. Please let me know if I forgot something or got anything wrong. Game.rxdata
  8. A music genre based off of competitive Pokemon battles: NU Metal

  9. Okay. Once I'm finished, I'll let you know and send you the new file. For marbles, I'll give you every marble that was available up to the point you were at. @DarkDaemonSpade I'm sorry for only just now seeing your edit. Regular Corsola are the ones that are supposed to appear in the Sand Castle, but because of this oversight, I'm not sure if regular Corsola will appear at all. I plan to re-upload soon to fix this (probably tomorrow). Edit @Mana: When Jim asks where you're from, what did you pick? Also if you want I can set your Pokemons' EVs and IVs to what you want them to be and save you the time it would take to EV train them.
  10. Regarding the HP and EXP bars being blue, I recolored the UI aquamarine in a recent reupload. I've gotten the "The script is taking too long to load" at random points in various fangames including Spork, but usually the game works fine after closing and opening again. I thought the issue with your save might've been one that was fixed in the latest re-upload, but this sounds different (especially considering you're using the latest re-upload now). Unfortunately, I don't know why the script sometimes takes too long to load in fangames, and since it still happens when you load your save, it sounds like your file is corrupted. The only solution I can think of is starting a new file with all of your data you had before. How that would work is you telling me your team (including any PC Pokemon you want to keep) and movesets, items, how far you were, and any other info you remember. Based off that information I'd input it into a new file and play up to the point you got to before so that you wouldn't have to start over from the beginning.
  11. If you dye your hair red to throw people off, that's a red hairing. 

    1. Zargerth


      What if you dye Red's hair red and throw people off by throwing Red's red hair?

    2. Alistair


      I mean, I would totally be thrown off if someone randomly started throwing a video game character's dyed hair at me

    3. BRS swag

      BRS swag

      Uzumaki clan from Naruto won't like this joke :D. I love red hair tho <3 

  12. Strangest places you've slept?

    Other than your bed or in a car or in class or the other usual places, where else have you fallen asleep? I don't have any stories of my own here, but I'm very interested in hearing other peoples'.