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  1. What did you eat for dinner yesterday? 

  2. Pokemon Spork Episode 4

    Only one gym left! Non-spoilery pic Spoilery pic (the area name gives away which gym leader is the 17th the player battles): It'll take longer to get to the 18th gym, since a lot happens between the 17th and 18th gym battles. Internal testing for Reborn E17 started recently. The next testing phase after that is alpha testing, which is when I'll be able to play/test. When that happens, I'll probably be taking a short break from Spork, since in addition to testing I'll also be noting down relationship variables to update the Relationship Variable Guide when the time comes for that. Before and after then, though, I'll try to continue at the pace I've been going.
  3. Do you want a romance story in Pokemon Rejuvination?

    I want a romance story between Dr. Jenkel and Karen
  4. E17 Obtainable Pokemon List Changes [Potential Spoilers?]

    Elekid can be obtained by giving an NPC in a house in Calcenon City an Electirizer.
  5. Pokemon Desolation v4.1.1 (Returning Feb 2018)

    If you mean Majira's keys, there are two available. One in the old Blackview rangers guild building and one in the old Central Cellia rangers guild building, which you have to battle Sena for.
  6. Pokemon Desolation v4.1.1 (Returning Feb 2018)

    We'll most likely find out when we're able to get all seven of them.
  7. Pokemon Desolation v4.1.1 (Returning Feb 2018)

    The puzzle hints on the indent in the wall basically mean to have the Old Doll with you and do the opposite of the Regice puzzle from Emerald. Which means from the wall indent, go right and keep walking along the walls of the rock formation until you're back at the indent. I don't remember where to get the Old Doll, though. I think it's part of the rangers guild quest where you explore a room in Weeping Depths with a lot of tombstones, but I could be wrong.
  8. E17 Obtainable Pokemon List Changes [Potential Spoilers?]

    BIGJRA is also doing this. Here are yesterday's:
  9. Pokemon Desolation v4.1.1 (Returning Feb 2018)

    There are currently four pieces available: Green, Red, Blue and Yellow. Which three do you have? Caz originally didn't intend to have romance, but changed his mind in a later post: After defeating Rosetta, speak to this NPC in Cellia Central: He'll give you a key to a locked building in South Cellia, where you'll find a key to the generator room in the power plant in Central Cellia. This room is where Magneton can evolve, and you can also find Manectric's mega stone there.
  10. S3 Redemption Sign-Up Thread.

    Ice card with this sprite:
  11. Pokemon Spork Episode 4

    I mentioned this a few months ago, but Z-crystals will become available just before the Elite Four, so they'll come later than mega evolution. In addition to showing this screenshot, I've reuploaded with the following fixes and changes: -walls in cave maps are improved -replaced Brutus's Mudsdale with Kommo-o. I feel like Kommo-o is a Pokemon that fits Brutus well. I guess I can kind of see how Mudsdale fits, but another part of me also questions why I chose it for him. tbh, I actually don't remember doing so and could've sworn I gave him a different Pokemon. But I feel like there are many others that suit him more than Mudsdale. -fixed issue with some boss battles where if you lost, after being taken back to a Pokemon Center the game would continue the event as if you'd won. This was because for some boss battles I forgot to set an "Exit Event Processing" conditional for if the player lost. Normal NPC trainer battles set up by using comments already do this for you, but sometimes I forget that story-related battles don't. -Added Sceptilite to the mega stone location list. It's found at Technicolor Forest, but I forget to put it on the list. The ICSW overworld sprites were made by someone else for something not related to Spork last year before episode 1 of Spork was released, and the battle sprite that will accompany it (also made for the non-Spork thing before Spork ep 1 was released) was made by SHIA. I won't spoil what the non-Spork thing is. Speaking of last year, at this time last year Spork was still at episode 1. 1.6 had recently been released. And now I'm close to the 16th gym. Back then, I didn't expect to be anywhere near as far as I am now. Considering I took an unplanned several month hiatus during ep 1's development (basically I started procrastinating a lot and procrastinating quickly turned into just not doing anything at all), had physical burnout after ep 3 that caused my arms to hurt, and went through other periods where I just didn't feel like working on it so progress was slower, I'm impressed that I'm as close as I am to being finished. Although there's still Palletite's situation to take into account, hopefully I'll be able to keep up the pace I've been going at the past week. I've been enjoying working on the lategame content a lot.
  12. ''the savage''?

    The Savage is a reference to someone who participated in the online league, yes. IIRC he eventually did beat the league. Unfortunately, all records of the online league were deleted with the site update.
  13. Ep 17 prep.

    Take the Classified Information to this house in the Peridot Ward: Oops, I forgot about the elevator one. He wants a construction job.
  14. Ep 17 prep.

    The other Dark Material is at the end of a sidequest chain that starts with finding the Diamond Ring of a girl in the Jasper Ward at the bottom of Azurine Lake. Jobs for Aqua Gang The one who wants to work in a quiet place wants to work at Apophyll The one who wants to work at a close place with food wants to work at Sweet Co The Blast Powder seller who mentions an intellectual line of work wants to work at the Beryl Library