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  1. Decibel is the best designed character out of all protags in Reborn. I had this opinion ever since I saw Xyrs design, and it hasn't been changed ever since. Decibel is just that good B)

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    2. Shing



      That feels weird, espeically on everyone in the cast. But the point, I have always thought Decibel as non-binary and because of that, I'll most likely call by the xyr pronoun. I do admit I don't remember xyr pronoun because I rarely use it.


      @Alistair Sir, you got a good taste o/

    3. Alistair


      Thanks =3

      Personally I'm very thankful for this change, because Decibel is my favorite PC but I prefer playing as a male character over non-binary. So it is an excellent idea to let everyone play with the sprite they like, and the gender they want ^^

    4. Shing


      Never told people aren't allowed to choose the protag as they want, but I do not disagree with that statement at all. 


      As opinionated, I do like almost all of the protags design. Just one I don't like because one color overshadow the body so hard that it's not pleasing to look at the character.

  2. SSB5 character ideas

    1. More characters from Xenoblade. I really love Xenoblade and wish that it would have more attention, picked other characters in there. Melia as an example could be really be a projectile character and be unique as hell. And since it is a nintendo franchise, I would love to see more characters from xeno series and hopefully see from Xenoblade 2. 2. Silver the hedgehog from Sonic the hedgehog One of my favourite characters, has telekinises power which could give him some nasty moveset and I just really want him It's pretty short, maybe I'll find something later. But the choices is something I really want to happened.
  3. It's one thing to enjoy leisurely battles, but real battles can be a severe trial. Truely strong Trainers sometimes must be prepared to choose Pokemon that can win rather than their favorite Pokemon. - NPC

    1. Alistair


      This NPC is going places... not college but places

      competitive leagues, probably

    2. Wolfox
    3. Shing


      @Alistair Actually at Hoenn's Battle resort :P

  4. There's a colored version of your avatar now:




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    2. seki108


      Just going to have to stick to what they have in that case.

    3. Shing



      Thank you a lot Seki for linking me this <3


      @Wolfox I like them both bro.

    4. seki108


      No problem, Shing :) 

  5. Finally



  6. Showdown Replays

    http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/reborn-gen7monotyperandombattle-96942 Crustle the goat agianst clarice the breelom lol. That went fast.
  7. Alpha and beta

    1. Wolfox


      Charlie and Delta

    2. Shing


      Aight, tell me for conext for Charlie and Delta.


    3. Shing



  8. Happy Birthday, Viri!

    Happy birthday viri!!!!!! May the magnezone and puns make your day great.
  9. V9 - Item Guide/List

    Saw this item guide and good stuff Aboodie! Really liked how simple, straightforward the on each items on each catergoried location. I made one in version 5, but ultimately failed due of badly execution and so time consuming, most people would haven't time to be done for each location(My idea was stressful, esecially the limitications this site has to offer). So seeing this made done makes me more happy than you think. This will be useful whenever I play reju v9 again. So thanks for making this item guide <3
  10. Feels good to see Reborn Showdown being slighty active :>

    1. Zarc


      You helped a lot :D 

    2. Shing


      Nah, people so came to the showdown did.

    3. Amine Chankey3ft7

      Amine Chankey3ft7

      please visit showdown more :]

  11. The new sonic forces trailer is making me really exicted for this game coming out. Espeically being more story driven, the characters back and going for more darker direction.

    1. Amine Chankey3ft7

      Amine Chankey3ft7

      it'll be a good game

    2. Shing


      Don't be too sure. A lot of stuff can screw up in sonic forces.

    3. Amine Chankey3ft7

      Amine Chankey3ft7

      True, we'll just wait and see :>

  12. What're YOU listening to~?

    Listening to this soundtrack gives me enough interest to play this game
  13. Pokemon Word Chain

  14. Give me fries

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    2. Shing


      @Nice Day I will when I am visiting your country ;)


      @Wolfox :o. Would love to talk to them which fries are the best ones lol

    3. Wolfox


      with those I mean the people from Belgium, cuz the NL it north of there

    4. Shing


      Ah.. I get it.

  15. Happy Birthday, Jan

    Shit man, I hate that I forgot your birthday :L But I didn't this time sooooo, happy birthday S U P E R J A N B R O ! Jan, you are a great person with a good humour. I love how you interact with the fans and they understand you back when something is happening. You impress me a lot with your insane work all the time. Have a great day Jaaaaaan.