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  1. V9 - Item Guide/List

    Saw this item guide and good stuff Aboodie! Really liked how simple, straightforward the on each items on each catergoried location. I made one in version 5, but ultimately failed due of badly execution and so time consuming, most people would haven't time to be done for each location(My idea was stressful, esecially the limitications this site has to offer). So seeing this made done makes me more happy than you think. This will be useful whenever I play reju v9 again. So thanks for making this item guide <3
  2. Feels good to see Reborn Showdown being slighty active :>

    1. Pμrple


      You helped a lot :D 

    2. Shing


      Nah, people so came to the showdown did.

    3. Snowy Amine ( MC Kapper)

      Snowy Amine ( MC Kapper)

      please visit showdown more :]

  3. The new sonic forces trailer is making me really exicted for this game coming out. Espeically being more story driven, the characters back and going for more darker direction.

  4. What're YOU listening to~?

    Listening to this soundtrack gives me enough interest to play this game
  5. Pokemon Word Chain

  6. Give me fries

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Shing


      @Nice Day I will when I am visiting your country ;)


      @Wolfox :o. Would love to talk to them which fries are the best ones lol

    3. Wolfox


      with those I mean the people from Belgium, cuz the NL it north of there

    4. Shing


      Ah.. I get it.

  7. Happy Birthday, Jan

    Shit man, I hate that I forgot your birthday :L But I didn't this time sooooo, happy birthday S U P E R J A N B R O ! Jan, you are a great person with a good humour. I love how you interact with the fans and they understand you back when something is happening. You impress me a lot with your insane work all the time. Have a great day Jaaaaaan.
  8. Man.. Seeing Onyx Arcade's current activity is making me sad. Because that thread gave me a lot of memories.

    1. Snowy Amine ( MC Kapper)

      Snowy Amine ( MC Kapper)

      rip Onyx arcade, its dying slowly

  9. Predict the Next Person to Post

    Hi Venus, bye venus. Wolfox, I'm calling you out!
  10. Me irl



    1. Wolfox


      you'll call them out on being a lazy bitch?

    2. Shing


      Nope. I am that lazy bitch lol

  11. ...I have a feeling I'll encounter puns more

    1. Snowy Amine ( MC Kapper)

      Snowy Amine ( MC Kapper)

      puns are Puntastic :>

  12. why gen 1 is the best

    I'm upset
  13. Some serious talk. Despite I am not that much talkative as a person and how long time since I have interacted my friends around here, I won’t forget every friend of mine here and I appreciate every one of you no matter how long we have talked since.


    But if you have forgotten a lot of me and doesn’t think me much as a friend anymore, then I am all fine with it honestly. It’s common that people has friends in past, but then left each other and doesn’t think so much each other as friends nowadays. You won’t get any worse impression from me.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Shing


      @Bibs Atleast you had contact with your friends here. I had hardly any contact to most friends here when I left and when I was inactive.



      Your name doesn't highlight or ping you because of your 2nd letter lol.

      I can call myself very open and doesn't mind whatever you want to talk. It's mostly myself having very lack of contact to my current friends in this site.

    3. Nice Day

      Nice Day

      partly true but thats mainly because I was still here. if I were in the same situation with temporarily leaving the community, id likely be in the same spot concerning most people round here.

    4. Shing


      I guess so.


      One thing I would wish, but still don't know if they are here is get some chat to my friends and see how they are doing. Especially people that I haven't talked a year ago(yes, been that long).

  14. I swear to god, almost every sonic mania reviews I encounter will always talk shit on 3D Sonic games/Modern Sonic and think that it doesn't have any good games.

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    2. Shing


      I wouldn't call them Genwunners to be honest. It's just that those games were really good and the gameplay does heavily change in sonic franchise, with story and characters. Pokemon doesn't do that and stays often in their consistent game style, with minor change.


      Genwunners is when they don't like higher with the pokemon design, characters etc, especially igorning their old games's flaws. However the sonic franchise is just very different.

    3. Wolfox


      I meant it in a sense of them, no matter what, saying that the old games, the beginning of sonic, will always be better than the games that came after

    4. Shing


      Well in that way, I can agree.

  15. Happy Birthday, Ody!

    Ody, being one of my friends that helped me in competitivie pokemon scene(Especially at redemption league) and one of few that talk up my flaws, thank you for being my buddy. Happy, great birthday Ody and thanks for all you have done mate <3