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  1. ...and done with Season 2 of Oregairu. Jesus I really want to Season 3. Or if I'm not lazy, read the novels.

    1. Sheep


      Yeah I watched it pretty recently too and I'd definitely go for a season 3. I enjoyed it a lot.

    2. Ikaru


      *slams fists on table* WHEN'S SEASON 3 

  2. Just rewatched season 1 of Oregairu. I'm glad I did that desicion because it's one of my favourite anime and few ones I actually remember. Now I'm going for season 2. 


    Also S2 opening >>> S1 opening as hell.

    1. Ikaru


      you are absolutely correct.

  3. Oh lord. It's been a while I got my interest in pokemon hackrom/fanmade. Pls give me new pokemon fanmade/hackrom. Want to try other fangames than Reju/Reborn and all the other ones I have played.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. YinYang9705


      pokemon outlaw in all seriousness, bibs has been gushing about pokemon clover, so I'd suggest trying that one out

    3. The Caveman

      The Caveman

      not gushing, but yes, clover has been unexpectedly good so far. id recommend it.


      NOT snakewood though. for the love of god DONT.

    4. Shing


      Thanks y'all. I'll try some of those out. Have some votes up :)

  4. Oops. I meant the new season(5), and its first episode of Samurai Jack. More bloody and darker it seems. But it has that art style and humor that I remember in past. I liked it well and wonder about what happened to Jack in that time skip. 

  5. Fuck you mate, Shing's here. Always like to quote that lmaoo I guess Isa
  6. Oh.. Um no. Do you think pineapple on pizza should be acceptable?
  7. SHING





    1. Shing


      Mate, this is a different Dusknoir lmfaoo

  8. And make it a double. Happy birthday Pyrrhon. Have a good day dude
  9. I remember you mate. Good to see you posting again Are you still gitting gud with Link?
  10. I'm debating myself if Gen 3 is my favorite gen. Because thinking Gen 4 many times, it has amount of pros I like just much as Gen 3.

  11. Think I'll try to have this avatar for a while. Infernape is great :)

  12. @Fumble Ok now do I know where your avatar is from lmao. 

  13. *Casually Approaching*