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  2. I got this profile picture for an amazing artist named Sleppu. You can find her other reborn art at the fanart thread pretty easy. I picked xem up because I am currently playing pokemon reborn and the xe with the white hair protag is my favourite one. I'll change the pfp when I am fully done with current pokemon reborn episode.
  3. Stopping Sigmund instead of Sirius was definetly the best option holy shitttttt

    1. Wolfox


      yeah, still get happy when I see Saphira blast him in the face, lace style. and how stupuid Serius is to take the one who just did a direct attack on your companion

  4. I should have apprieate byxbysion wasteland more to be honest. It has become one of my favourite locations in Reborn. It gives me always an unique feeling compared to other places.

    1. Paul25


      Yeah it really gives a unique feeling.. :D 

      Originally it is a crap Junkyard full of Toxic substances lol

    2. Shing




      Well it's good it's something else. 

  5. Finally got sludge bomb Roselia, with a bonus of modest nature, right Iv's for hidden power fire and luckly hidden ability, which gives me technican.


    @seki108 Tyvm for showing me Reborn Hardcore, so could breed with tms.

    1. seki108


      No problem. Glad you could finally get the Rosalia (eventially Rosarade) you wanted, although it probably took quite a while for the Hidden Power.

    2. Shing


      Actually, Hidden power fire wasn't so long. Just 30 min or lower iirc

    3. seki108


      Well, HP is all about luck of the draw.  Too bad it wasn't shiny as well, but that would be a lot of stars aligning (though the nature and ability could be changed).

  6. School is kicking my ass, but I'll survive some weeks to be done with school bitch.

    1. Another Retired Shipper

      Another Retired Shipper

      Dude relax, i know how you feel about school i've been through a bitchy year although its over already lol

  7. Happy Birthday :D, i hope you will have a great day ^^

    1. Shing


      Thank you very much LykosHand!

    2. LykosHand


      You're welcome :D

  8. I'll never ever breed pokemon in Reborn again. Getting too much salt with roselia and it's egg moves.

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. Shing


      Seems also I found out my problem why it did not work. I got the wrong processing yikes. Seems I lack some pokemon later on the game :X

    3. Wolfox



    4. Shing


      Well I know what to do when I get time to play it.

  9. Happy 17th May for Norway!

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    2. Isa.phoria


      It's raining over here as well

      Trust me, I went for a walk when it did

      Are you planning to celebrate it traditionally?

    3. Shing


      It is always bad weather in 17th may. Like many years in row.

      I trust you, especially I see it outside of myself.

      I do not think so sadly. Previous times we did not do so much and this time around school is important for tests and such.

    4. Isa.phoria


      I remember it being sunny last 17thing of may. But perhaps I just walked too much in that black fucking death bringer costume we call Bunad.


      Understandable. I won't celebrate traditionally myself. Because I don't really care and that I'd much rather shiny hunt

      Always prioritise education, I say


  11. While I haven't been much here, my Shulk has shown a lot of improvement to that it's closely level to my Sonic/Falco at the moment. And my view on him has changed more both ways. Shulk is a mid tier, maybe mid high tier when I thought he was low tier. His results has been better, he has actually stupid tools and mostly lose to top tiers while he can compete against high tiers. Fox, Bayonetta and Diddy is a pain in the ass. He is more defensivie character than aggresivie wise imo. Not only because of the slow start up, and biggest range. It is his monados arts rewards him to be more defensivie. The best example is Shield + Jump art. Sheild for just stay alive --> Jump, to jump around the stage(no one except pit can punish him in air) til sheild art is recovered and switch back. Kiling a Shulk would be at 150% normally. Pretty dumb, but it works sadly. I think Shulk is not a hard character to learn and use. He can have that unfeeling to play because of his slow startup, especially when your characters has fast start up. But after using him in few weeks, fundamentals and monado knowledge is all you really need. You don't need to learn all of Shulk's techs. Most of his techs are just situastional mixups and the strict timing makes it inconsistent. Only MALLC is truly the thing shulk can use in neutral. Even then, MALLC isn't always needed. Nicko is the best example to show that shulk doesn't need to super technical and fundamentals is all you ever need. Nicko is also one of the best Shulk in the world, if not the best. Nicko and Kome is arguably imo. Just some thought about Shulk and I felt posting here
  12. It has been a long time, Pokemon Reborn. I think it's a good time to revist you again, starting a new adventure.. 


    Let's have a hell of a playthrough Reborn!



    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Monsieur Divergent

      Monsieur Divergent

      Do something challenging like a Monorun, a Genrun, or even Nuzlocke even if Bibs is the nuzlockemperor

    3. Shing


      I will think about it. For now I'm just having fun since it's been a year since I have played it seriously.

    4. Monsieur Divergent

      Monsieur Divergent

      Well, it's okay as long as the element of fun is there. Enjoy :)

  13. Sometimes life is being helpful, sometimes it is being unfair. But as long I can stand up, don't let anything bring me down and goes on, I'm good with life.

    1. President Felix

      President Felix

      When life gives you lemons, dont make lemonade, make life take the damn lemons back. Do you know who I am? I'll have my engineers manufacture fiery lemons and ill use the lemons to burn life's house down!

    2. Maelstrom


      Why does this feel like an anime quote, shing?

    3. Shing


      Because it's somewhat motivatinal, and my english isn't the best, so it happends like that.

  14. Back to the og profile photo I see ^-^

    1. Shing


      Hell yeah

  15. Yep. Definetly not active here anymore.