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  1. Damnit I missed my opportunity for a total drama island reference Spine?
  2. Nations, Did you mean: Drama? Spine?
  3. I added twin twister because my hand is usually useless anyway getting better... or getting lucky
  4. Rank 5's are too difficult to get out because grarl has to be the only card in your hand to special summon him, I rarely get him and fossil dig along with a hand of backrow, although one couldn't hurt just in case How about Skill drain, would that hurt me at all?
  5. I had trade-in but it really doesn't work with eatos, also I was just testing magical contract door to see if it was even useful, aside form tin goldfish all of those monsters are guardians
  6. I made that turn one, they just couldn't get over me for that long, or rather I made the first bahamut shark turn one, either way this just goes to show that treatoad is a little more generic than Konami thought :| You wanna help me improve it?
  7. What have I created?!
  8. I can't even use trade-in
  9. *Obligatory post* *Obligatory prediction*
  10. I do like the deck, not gonna lie, I actually am working on doing guardians at the moment..... guardians suck by the way
  11. I was kidding about boss rush >-> Wave motion cannon's fun I like it and I forgot ties of the bretheren was cards of different names my bad, I did read the rules, that's why I thought adding one would be harmless Nothing immediately pops into my head, believe it or not I've never built B.E.S. before >-> The only thing I can really think of is limiter removal You could probably get away with instant fusion if you used it for tribute fodder Oooooo Supply squad, would that work or does march of the monarchs protect them from their own effect? Seven dark monsters, Allure of Darkness? After testing the deck I noticed that tribute fodder isn't really an issue so scratch instant fusion, with the protection though limiter removal would be pretty good. Draw power is kind of a problem, not sure if supply squad would do much good except for coming back so maybe allure of darkness would help with that. Something I've noticed is that the despair uranus kinda steals the show a little bit unfortunately
  12. No boss rush? smh Why wave-motion cannon? I mean I guess this tournament will be slower but it really sucks when people pop it before you can cash in Would ties of the bretheren help, it doesn't prevent normal summons
  13. I haven't been on this thread since last year Spine?
  14. How can I possibly stay awake for 14 hours?! Lugruf?
  15. I'm proud of you Spine I'm proud Lugruf?