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  1. Just got a second Vanguard for this deck, it's gonna happen >:3 I really need to think of a build though, there are so many ways to make it
  2. I can't wait u-u ALSO I hate this but I've been forced to play weevil for the 1.5x experience event because I need DNA surgery for a buster blader deck, I play Buster Blue-eyes IRL so I need to make a duel links version and honestly playing DNA surgery is the only way I can think of to keep consistency instead of just hard countering dragons >-> I have 2 of his fusion and i also pulled a Dark paladin but ironically.. only 1 buster blader
  3. Considering the main form of removal at the moment is order to charge and Silent swordsman and horus are anti-spell cards they'd be safe, relinquished would be a decent out though. Also this game is far from fast paced o-o as for keeping them alive literally do what you've been doing, mirror wall sphere kuriboh and enemy controller it's as simple as that. Horus would by far be the most played though with kaiba I'd imagine, also Level up is a thing which basically makes you lose enough advantage to make it fair I'd say. I hope if Yugi ever does become a playable character you can get silent swordsman and magician as rewards it'd be pretty sweet not gonna lie and the only way to make them competitively viable
  4. Eyyyy *boop* :3 Cobalt?
  5. That was actually pretty good, you read that guy like a book o-o EDIT: Okay so I was looking at KOG deck profiles and I noticed something while I was scrolling through Did I... start something or..? EDITEDIT: You know what I would love to be in this game, LVL monsters, I loved silent swordsman, slient magician and horus the black flame dragon
  6. I made it to gold 1 thank. god. I took a day to cool down and came back stronger than ever, won 5 duels out of 6, I would've won that last one but I was a fucking idiot and misplayed >-> Also that- I need to reach platinum, that is too good, I can pick anything?!
  7. What are you talking about norden was completely fair and balanced
  8. Unfortunately no u-u Fun against AI though
  9. Oh no, believe me I know it's not good but it's all about style points my dude
  10. I've seen a few in ranked before the WC started but not since, could just be none in group D I dunno?
  11. I am 90% sure it's age of discovery Also I took a long hiatus from way back at the beginning so I haven't had much of an opportunity to clean out boxes the only reason I came back full throttle was because Sonic bird came back for a bit and I didn't wanna miss it I don't really care if he's good I just want the deck because he's rad more than anything else plus the deck should stay fairly consistent with gateway as a field spell, now all we need is terraforming >->
  12. Unfortunately creativity isn't rewarded even here u-u I know the feeling of not being able to climb the ladder, I just want those 400 gems it's like 8 card packs, I don't even know what I'll spend it on, probably neo-impact for those magician's circles after that I'll aim for black luster soldier support because hot damn is that summoning animation a duelists wet dream I need to summon it legitimately
  13. I need windstorm of etequa but ugh, leveling, I just want to get to gold for like a second, I want those gems ;~;
  14. That's an older build of the deck, I do have more outs and stuff now including my own mirror wall which I feel dirty using. As for burn decks ahahahhhahahahhahahahahhahhah kill me I've fought 4 in 2 days, could goddamn swear it was the same person and lost every single one >->