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  1. Show me ya moves! Hongaarse
  2. Show me ya moves! ProjectIceMan
  3. Show me ya moves! Anstane?
  4. Yeah, sure you will *rolls eyes* Anstane?
  5. Yesterday can die in a hole, just sayin' Anstane?
  6. Thank you my dude, guess I'll give it to ya Divergent
  7. Aw, that's so sweet :3 If I didn't, would I truly be doing it right? Don't you worry babes, I will u-u *pats Lugruf* Thank you~ :3
  8. Come on you know I have to show up today so everyone can love me so I can celebrate with my friends :3 Lugruf~
  9. Happy birthday dude

    1. BlueMoonIceCream


      Aw, thank you my dude :3

  10. Just thought I'd say hey~ Divergent?
  11. Anstane?
  12. Why? D: Juu?
  13. You have offended me, I am doggo, hear me borf Isa?
  14. Isa
  15. ;3 Angery reacts only Anstane?