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  1. Zetaark

    [IC] TotMV:G^2: Touhou: Twilight of Paradise Butterfly

    Ritsu in her current state was in her more defensive form, but with the extent of the enemy's abilities unclear, she decided to utilize some offense until proper defensive measures were weighed and utilized. For now, she would observe, and make her decisive move later. Basic attack on Fairy swarm A for 1d4+ STR(10) + 1d4
  2. (Poor mage got to be the first crit of the year, go him!) [Enemy Phase] Monk 4 Moves to O8 and attacks Selia One of the monks decides to strike at the injured nun, who doesn't see the strike in time, and goes down. Monk 5 Moves to O16 and attacks Madante The monk strikes down the captain with two orbs of light that Madante is unable to avoid. Pegasus Knight 6 Moves to Q13, attacks Helena, and cantos to N13 The pegasus knight rides in and strikes the mage with their lance. Helena tries to retaliate, but between the knight making their escape and her injuries, she just barely misses her strike. [Ally Phase] Helena Moves to P13 and attacks Pegasus Knight 6 with Elwind Frustrated with her string of misses, Helena decides to take her revenge on the pegasus knight, taking them out of the sky with a burst of wind. Turn 6 Shield of Agony fades Emilee heals 3HP Cheat Sheet:
  3. Zetaark

    [IC] TotMV:G^2: Touhou: Twilight of Paradise Butterfly

    "Well this certainly wasn't what i had expected as far as combat, but I suppose stranger things have happened," Ritsu, still in her transformed state, mutters as she teleports into the air just a bit. She admittedly isn't quite sure on the whole jumping up and flying bit, but warping into the air as a start would get her airborne, and she can probably manage from there.
  4. Zetaark

    [IC] TotMV:G^2: Touhou: Twilight of Paradise Butterfly

    Ritsu took note of the newspapers and noted the date, though she got the feeling that not much of the information would be of use. Rather, she was more surprised that they even were legible and not just dust going by their appearance. Regardless, she moved on from that to hear about this danmaku. "That certainly sounds interesting, but perhaps it might also be a bit of fun," Ritsu remarks before considering something. After focusing for a moment, Ritsu's ears and tail seem to become even more catlike and exaggerated, and her hands almost begin to look like paws of a cat than human hands. "Hmm, so this is how it is here. A bit strange, but I suppose it works," Ritsu mutters as she looks over herself in her transformed state.
  5. Zetaark

    [IC] TotMV:G^2: Touhou: Twilight of Paradise Butterfly

    "Is that right?" Ritsu asks Chen in a somewhat curious tone as she looks around. Seeing that the mansion had vanished and hearing about the beings that existed around here, Ritsu became more and more reminded of home. Though clearly there were some differences given how her body changed upon coming here, there were enough similarities to make her feel almost comfortable. "The more I see here, the more this place reminds me of home a bit. It's almost relaxing, though," Ritsu remarks, her own cat ears twitching a bit as she observes the area. "A graveyard hmm? Seems to be an odd place to have one given how the area is supposed to be dangerous. Though I guess it makes sense in a way," Ritsu says with a hum, before taking a quick scan of the graves to try and find anything interesting. Ritsu scans the graveyard area for any hidden objects. Magitech Scanners grant a+2 bonus
  6. Zetaark

    [IC] TotMV:G^2: Touhou: Twilight of Paradise Butterfly

    "I couldn't say. I had a few duties at the manor in which I worked, and a fair amount of the duties I performed might be in demand. That being said, this excursion has been useful in developing a few different skillsets, so perhaps I can leverage that for a raise should I return home," Ritsu chuckles, thinking about how the others would react to her development.
  7. Zetaark

    [IC] TotMV:G^2: Touhou: Twilight of Paradise Butterfly

    "I see. That must be hard to deal with, though I get the feeling that if things went this far off, there may not be much compensation pay I'm afraid," Ritsu remarks, wondering how a matchmaker got roped into this in the first place. Though thinking about it, there are some strange occurrences that tend to happen in these worlds, so maybe the skillset will come in handy somewhere. "Well, at the very least, given the nature of the multiverse, you're bound to find one place where you can more properly do work in your own field. Probably,"
  8. Zetaark

    [IC] TotMV:G^2: Touhou: Twilight of Paradise Butterfly

    "It seems like we'll be taking on this job of yours. Likely better to do it now than deal with whatever your methods for 'encouraging cooperation may entail," Ritsu replies, tail swaying back and forth a bit. Taking a glance at those around, she saw some familiar faces, but others still she did not know as well. As she went to take a glance at the map, her attention was grabbed by the fairy who she didn't know very well. "Out of curiosity, what are you paid for?" Ritsu decides to ask, deciding that learning about the people she'll be working will be worthwhile...probably.
  9. Zetaark

    [IC] TotMV:G^2: Touhou: Twilight of Paradise Butterfly

    "As it happens, my original design was made to allow me to handle various forms of external stimuli for the tasks I was meant to perform. Though some of the design choices were questionable at best, it essentially means that the amount of sensation I feel normally and the amount I feel now isn't very different." Ritsu explains as she sways her own body around. The feeling of her own body as a more fleshy one did feel slightly odd, but that was more an issue of how she felt rather than a processing error. "Don't worry LOTUS, it may take some time and a bit of effort, but you should be able to manage eventually. For now though, it appears that someone will be able to help you in the meantime," Ritsu chuckles again seeing Isobel attempt to calm LOTUS.
  10. Zetaark

    [IC] TotMV:G^2: Touhou: Twilight of Paradise Butterfly

    Ritsu, for her part, didn't mind the sudden shift into a new space, and befitting her appearance as a cat, she managed to manage the landings on both counts. Looking towards the now present manor, Ritsu is filled with a sudden sense of nostalgia. "A manor hmm? Almost reminds me of home. I hope the others are managing in my absence. I worry that certain tasks may not be performed properly without my supervision," Ritsu mutters, before an outburst catches her attention. Turning her attention to it, she witnesses firsthand the change in LOTUS. "Oh my, this is a development. The tablet has become a fairy. How...cute," Ritsu remarks, trying and failing to hold in her laughter. She briefly notices that she herself feels a bit more fleshy than normal, and that her voice sounds a bit more like a normal person. She takes a mental note of that fact before turning her attention to LOTUS. "Well, I'm sure the feeling of a new body must be quite a change for you, but you should certainly be able to adapt right?" Ritsu jokingly asks LOTUS.
  11. Zetaark

    [IC] Tengoku no Owari CT, Chapter 1.2

    "Well, looks like everyone is handling things just fine. Good for them," Sasha muses, not having done that much due to her stealthing approach. Well she did blow up that one room earlier which definitely contributed, so she felt fine with that. In the meantime, she decided to focus her attention on what Chise was doing. "So is this something you've always been able to do, or did we have to weaken the fort first. Also this thing isn't going to cause problems for me later is it?"
  12. Zetaark

    [IC] Tengoku no Owari CT, Chapter 1.2

    Seeing that the situation has changed, Sasha decides that staying evasive and counterfiring whatever it is Cu does is the best course of action. That can keep Chise focusing on her objective and hopefully keep everyone else from not biting the dust.
  13. Zetaark

    Fire Emblem On Forums: Mortal Transgressions (OOC)

    "Anyone around looking for a merchant?"
  14. Zetaark

    [IC] Tengoku no Owari CT, Chapter 1.2

    "Alright" Sasha responds, trying to drive closer to Immanuel while avoiding line of sight with Cu and keeping an eye out for any incoming fire.
  15. Zetaark

    [IC] TotMV:G2: Engineering Bay (Travel Phase)

    "Hmm...very well, I might as well see what else you can create," Ritsu remarks after hearing Mar's intent to cook. "Also, I can give a report on the edibility if you really want one Edmond," Ritsu replies indifferently as she checks up on Lancer here and there while also poking around with her armor.