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  1. Masquerain

    Performance Issues Help(EP17)

    Thank you both for the replies. @Walpurgis Then, should I understand that that's just how the game runs nowadays and neither the dev team nor playerbase is able to solve those issues? And if that is the case, are there any plans on the dev team's side to work on improving said performance? Seems like the new animations might be causing the majority of the performance issues during battles and if it really is so, maybe something should or could be done about reverting things back or changing them (or giving people the option to do so somehow). Now obviously I don't know how things work, but I am just putting suggestions out there. It really wasn't like this back around EP15, so I don't know what made it this way. @Arys Yeah, I know some places lag by default and I know things don't run perfectly smoothly all the time and never have done so, but now, it appears things have become worse, especially in battle. If one has to turn animations off for smoother gameplay, then what was the point of adding those animations in the 1st place? I have never used RPG maker or anything of that sort, so I have no clue what you meant with flickering or anything, but I also don't know how that connects to Reborn itself so yeah..there's that too
  2. Masquerain

    Performance Issues Help(EP17)

    Hello all I had previously left Reborn on hold at EP15. Recently decided to pick it back up since EP18 is right around the corner and so, me and my friend started a new playthrough with the 17.1. Patch (latest visible download) of the game. And now, the issue is that ever since both of us started, the game's performance has been....shaky at best. As a rather old Reborn player, I'm already aware of the infamous game spots that tend to lag or drops a lot of FPS and all of that, but in this case, lag and FPS drops were a thing since the start and occur almost everywhere. To (possibly) better illustrate the performance of both mine and my friend's games, here's a list of what happens during different situations: -When walking around towns/cities/other not-small outdoors locations Walking at normal speed, the game inconsistently drops FPS/skips frames and stutters at random. All of these only get worse in infamous locations such as Obsidia/Malchous Forest/Rhodocrine Jungle. Walking with turbo speed does what the mode normally does and skip more frames, but the overall performance makes normal speed feel better due to the already existing frame drops and lag. -When walking indoors Performance is what it should be in the first place, that is smooth and normal, everything running as it ought to -When walking outdoors in smaller locations e.g. alleyways Inconsistent performance. Sometimes runs completely fine, sometimes drops frames and lags -When talking to any NPC anywhere Here is where my game and my friend's game differ. Whereas NPC/game dialogue in my game is mostly fine and runs smoothly(excluding default laggy areas), my friend's dialogue lags (text appears word by word in a laggy manner) -During battle Now here is where the main issue in everything lies. Battle performance seems to be the worst. The only time it feels relatively normal is if you play battles with turbo speed where the frame skip actually helps battles feel smoother. At normal speed, the game drops and skips frames, lags and stutters. This is the same for both me and my friend. Some examples of what kind of stuff happens during battles: ------- * Let's say my Roselia used Mega drain on a random pokemon in battle. What happens on screen is that the opponent's HP drops to...say.. 55%. It takes the game around 1second to update the full damage dealt by the attack and show that the opponent's HP actually dropped below 50%. I don't exactly know what to call it, stuttering or skipping frames or lagging frames, but every battles does this kind of thing very often. * In-battle dialogue also lags * Things like switching or picking attacks/choosing a command also skip frames and lag Now given all of that, it gets really frustrating to play because of the very poor battle performance. Being forced to play at turbo speed doesn't seem like what a game should normally be like... I can say for certain that 90% of these issues were not present back when I played EP15, so I'm not sure what happened since then. Both me and my friend have tried looking around the forum for solutions, but the only things we found were either outdated or didn't work at all. So in summary, does anybody have a clue what might be causing all of these issues? Does anybody experience the same things and/or know how to solve them? Or does the game perform this way by default in EP17 and is thus doomed to have no ways of improving (and if that's the case, are there any plans to improve overall performance in EP18 or at any time at all)? Thank you all in advance for your time taken to read all of this! Hopefully somebody can help (P.S. Issue doesn't stem from computer specs, that much was already established)
  3. Masquerain

    What changed to speed up development?

    Hello, I've been dead and reduced to lurker status for a good while now because I'm holding off on starting a new Reborn playthrough after not playing Ep16 and 17 yet (and 18), so I've just been trying to avoid spoilers. Either way, thank you good people, good to see development back on track. As I've been following the little development update texts, I saw one that said battle items have been axed. Is there a reason for that? I imagine not everyone would be happy with that change, and while I myself hardly ever use those anyway, I am curious what prompted you folks to make that decision?
  4. Happy Birthday :D, i hope that you will have a great day ^^

    1. Masquerain


      Thank you very much, it was nothing special but all good :P

    2. LykosHand


      Oh i see ;), you're welcome :D

  5. Masquerain

    Verdant Tales: Symphonic Horizon

    There doesn't seem to be anything that stands out as a reason to be unable to post...hmmm
  6. Masquerain

    Verdant Tales: Symphonic Horizon

    Merry birthday here as well. I sure hope you ended up taking a break during your birthday and enjoyed it
  7. Masquerain

    Verdant Tales: Symphonic Horizon

    Well I will never understand the need to continue spending money you don't always have on things that turn out to not generate much interest, but...you'll do you. I'm not even sure what you are referring to in the first bit of your post but ... o/ Even for your manga, don't stress yourself so much, there are always daily life necessities to take care of before you cough up a few 100s per month on that. Take whatever time you need to rest and take care of things, we're all here waiting anyway
  8. Masquerain

    Verdant Tales: Symphonic Horizon

    >that pikachu getting slammed #worth
  9. Masquerain

    "Tomorrow" is just a social construct

    Imo, this is a good place to start a new run with all new pokemon to experience o/ I know I'm doing that at least
  10. Masquerain

    machines aren't built to have this much sand in them

    Good to know that everything is back up and running and that the damage is not as bad as it could have been. Very curious to see the new intro
  11. Masquerain

    Pokemon Desolation v4.1.1

    Yello, I've been rather dead for a while (again) ...what have I missed? where's game development at currently? Any details etc?
  12. Masquerain

    Verdant Tales: Symphonic Horizon

    Wer dem spoiler tags at though? You'd think some of that info is quite heavy on game2 plot spoilers
  13. Masquerain

    Verdant Tales: Symphonic Horizon

    The best games come from passionate fellas
  14. Masquerain

    15 days is close enough, ok?

    Upon reading the new tidbit in the progress bar about dead computer... Well I hope the mapping doesnt need redoing at least..else, poor Ame
  15. Masquerain

    Verdant Tales: Symphonic Horizon

    Lol wow, geez.... by no means should you pay anything to photobucket. Just transfer all of your images elsewhere. There are plenty of options such as imgur or DA or puush, surely you don't need to use photobucket anymore