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    • Wolfox

      when you're wearing new pants for the first time and you feel like you look good in them
      · 0 replies
    • Wolfox

      XCOM: Okay egg, there's an alien terror attack in london!
      NL: Alright, lemme check! *checks* You know, I really wanna have 1 more unit so I'm gonna wait a day.
      XCOM: okay, not you're about to lose Europe for that mistake!
      NL: Oh, shit.
      Me: He didn't... the madman
      · 0 replies
    • Wolfox

      Ash cap Pikachu is finaly available!

      Skoop up your Pikachu cosplaying your favorite series of the Anime now! (How many will get the gen 5 one?)
      I'm personally getting the Sinnoh Cap one
      · 0 replies
    • Nagisa_Hideyoshi

      Pick your poison...
      · 2 replies
    • Paul25

      It's Still valid.
      Battle me and get an exclusive mon free. [Doesn't matters whether you lose or win]
      So, What are you waiting for!? 
      Reply here or Pm me If you wanna have a battle with me.
      Offer for limited time only.
      Don't let it to go off of your hands.
      · 0 replies
    • seki108

      Finished Re-watching LWA (Asenshi subs of course) while soft resetting, so now I am watch Flip Flappers.  I was debating My Hero Acedemia, but I wanted to see that when I wasn't possibly distracted seeing if I got a Shiny Mew.  
      Also, comparing 13 episodes to 13 ep + a currently airing season makes a better track of time I am wasting (and when to give up).  
      I think this is a classic case of Sunk Cost Fallacy at this point, but I struggle on even knowing this.
      · 1 reply
    • KosherKoneko

      Whenever someone insults me IRL I have to repeatedly remind myself not to fight back for fear of scarring them horribly. The internet has helped me to hone my naturally sharp tongue to inhuman levels
      Also because one of these days the whole dangerously sharp wit thing is going to get me punched in the face
      · 2 replies
    • LykosHand  »  Jess

      A meme on mew, maybe you will like it  

      · 2 replies
    • Sceptilespy

      Honestly, High School is the worst thing. Period.
      · 16 replies
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    • Ow, well I wasted a lot of time grinding then...
    • @CynTheSylveon yes, that's what you said in your post above. I'm not oblivious of it. However, that Garchomp in the dev's savefile doesn't necessarily mean we are going to get access to the Gible line.   Besides I don't think Ame has any business giving us a Ground type pseudo, with 130 attack, 102 speed and natural access to Dig (+Bulldoze via TM), right before facing Titania. Of course I might be wrong. But axing the likes of Gengar and Gyarados to suddenly give us free access to Garchomp of all things would make little sense imo. Both Hydreigon and Dragonite would be less surprising pseudos to obtain atm.  
    • I agree with all of you, in the WTC Taka try to keep to himself what Solaris doesn't need to know, such as Amaria's healing. He seems to be crushed between his good deeds and his criminal career, and is able to put himself in question. His sense of spiritual discernment make him unsuitable to the lawful evil characters lineage, he deserves a place among the neutral characters like Cal.   I think I'll update the chart with Sigmund in the lawful evil case, because he abuses of his diplomatic immunity to apply his dirty methods with no questions asked and became a new contact of Team Meteor implied in lots of kidnappings.
    • I remember seeing a post that had current and future badge order but can't find it, it seemed pretty accurate and I think it was pulled from game, but it went Ciel, Adrien, Titania, Amaria, Hardy, Saphira. Also one of the field effects is called Dragon's Den or something in the future. Might have Dratini, but I doubt all pseudo's. This is Ame we're talking about
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