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Seeking few Pokemons and Items, would really appreciate it if you can help me


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I haven't played Rejuvenation in a couple of years now, and was wondering if anyone can help me getting few Pokemons and items? I would be eternally grateful~



1). I have chosen Mudkip as a starter, if you can adjust its nature to Adamant with 31 IVs 

2). Togepi F (Naive, Serene Grace), Porygon (Bold, Download), Munna (Relaxed, Synchronise, Shiny), Skorupi (Naughty, Sniper) All in Egg forms with 31 IVs 

3). Blacephalon (Shiny, Modest, at level 25) with 31 IVs



Swamperite, Evolite, King's Rock, Leftovers, Razor Claw, Assault Vest, and Mega Ring


Thank you so kindly~ <3


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