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Fused Solrock feels a little unfinished IMO


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Aight, the idea for Fused Solrock is cool af. fusing two kinda ok pokemon together to make them into a devastating trick room force is awesome. but the sprites feel like they could have used some more work.

Exhibit A:



What is up with those rocks. what direction is this thing supposed to be facing? Why do the rocks feel like they are just floating there, completely detached? And not only that, when compared to the front, the back is very uninteresting to look at. This is supposed to be a product of ancient and twisted magic, but it feels very flat and boring. its just an orb with a few rocks on it. the least oy could do would be having that black line back here maybe. or even put a lunatone eye back here, staring at the player. And considering the front sprite only gets used like what, 3 times total? This is the sprite the player will probably see the most, assuming they decide to try using one.

Now, this feels kinda weird, but mostly fine, until

Exhibit B:



The front. now is when the orange rocks start to hurt my soul. what side are they meant to be on? with Solrocks base form, you can tell the rocks are attached by the way they flare out near the main body. but with this design, the rocks look like they are just floating there, and both the back and front sprites have all of the rock visible, blocking out what is clearly meant to be a completely smooth body. and if the body isn't meant to be smooth, maybe add craters or something where the rocks are coming out of. 

But wait! It gets worse!

Exhibit C:


Wait, where's the image?

Well, this is where I'd critique the pokemon menu/pc storage sprite...


How is it that every other form change BUT Fused Solrock gets to have a fancy little icon?


oh, and according to the wiki, the ability doesn't even boost its attack in harsh sunlight. massive bruh moment.


So now you understand why i call this poor thing "unfinished" Here's hoping the devs decide to quickly whip up an icon for the poor bastard at least. hell, if you want to, feel free to use the one i made in like 4 hours.


I actually modified the back sprite for myself quickly a while back.


not exactly amazing, but I feel like it adds at least something to make the back more interesting to look at.

I also made icons but since I had to make them from scratch, and also in one night, plus the fact that I'm no artist, they kinda suck.


the icons even work in-game, because of the way the engine works. just name them icon338_1, and bam. instant icons.


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