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What Eeveeloution should I get?

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Hello, everyone! I just beat Serra, which means I have 6 badges so for in the Reborn league. I just got the event Eeeve and I am having trouble deciding what I should I evolve him into. So, I would like to as for people's opinions after I give you all the Pokemon I rotate to better decide. Any help would be appreciated!


Greninja, (m), lv 52, Protean: Water Pulse, Extrasensory, Night lash, Water Shuriken

Noivern, (m), lv 50, Infiltrator: Screech, Tailwind, Air Slash, Dragon Pulse

Arcanine, (f), lv 49, Flash Fire: Flamethrower, Outrage, Flame Burst, Heat Wave

Swellow, (m), lv 45, Guts: Aerial Ace, Quick Guard, Endeavor, Air Slash

Zangoose, (m), lv 44, Toxic Boost: Embargo, Detect, X-Scissor, Night Slash

Mothim, (m), lv 37, Tinted Lens: Psybeam, Quiver Dance, Struggle Bug, Hidden Power (Flying)

Pangoro, (m), lv 50, Scrappy: Karate Chop, Circle Throw, Crunch, Bullet Punch

Piloswine, (m), lv 38, Thick Fat: Mud Bomb, Icy Wind, Ice Shard, Earthquake

Dusclops, (m), lv 49, Pressure: Shadow Sneak, Hex, Will-O-Wisp, Shadow Ball

Seismitoad, (m), lv 43, Swift Swim: Aqua Ring, Acid, Muddy Water, Rain Dance

Porygon, lv 28, Download: Psybeam, Agility, Recover, Magnet Rise

Zoroark, (m), lv 45, Illusion: Night Slash, Torment, Foul Play, Extrasensory

Turtonator, (m), lv 45, Shell Armor: Shell Smash, Shell Trap, Flamethrower, Dragon Pulse

Talonflame, (m), lv 51, Gale Wings: Acrobatics, Flame Charge, Me First, Roost

Garbordor, (m), lv 43, Aftermath: Toxic, Sludge Bomb, Acid Spray, Toxic Spikes

A. Sandslash, (m), lv 43, Slush Rush: Slash, Defense Curl, Ice Ball, Metal Claw

Roserade, (f), lv 49, Natural Cure: Giga Drain, Nature Power, Mega Drain, Toxic Spikes

Squirtle, (m), lv 30, Torrent: Protect, Water Pulse, Aqua Tail, Dragon Pulse

Donphan, (m), lv 49, Study: Knock Off, Earthquake, Strength, Fire Fang

Exploud, (m), lv 41, Scrappy: Crunch, Echoed Voice, Uproar, Screech

Aggron, (m), lv 44, Rock Head: Iron Head, Rock Slide, Rock Tomb, Iron Tail

Galvantula, (m), lv 46, Compound Eyes: Electro Ball, Signal Beam, Electroweb, Sticky Web

Meowstic, (m), lv 49, Prankster: Reflect, Sucker Punch, Light Screen, Psychic 


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Sylveon is by far the best eevelution. You need a fairy type anyway, and Sylveon has a great niche with access to Misty Terrain, Wish, and tanking prowess 

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Strong Pokémon. Weak Pokémon. That is only the selfish perception of people. Truly skilled trainers should try to win with their favorites.


Sorry, I cannot get rid of this quote ;-)

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Sylveon with misty terrain or espeon with calm mind and psychic is pretty good and why your Arcanine doesn't know any physical fire type moves? I would say a good moveset for Arcanine would be flare blitz,heat wave,outrage/extreme speed,close combat

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I’d also probably say Sylveon, especially since you don’t have a fairy type on your team yet. Really good special defense and a strong special attack make it pretty good. 

I like to try to give it at least protect, wish, moonblast, and a fourth move catering to fit/help your remaining team

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Eventually you can get a ditto and breed so you will be able to get them all. Currently I agree with what other people are saying and to get a Sylveon. However I found that Leafeon has great synergy for later gyms so that would be a worthwhile investment, as would Espeon being the powerhouse it is. 

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