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Simple Easy Mode Mod(changes levels)

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This mod reduces the level of all trainer pokemon by 20% to reduce difficulty. Also increases trainer base money reward to compensate for the lower levels.

It dosn't change wild encounters, teams, moves , ... 

This mod is for 18.4.3 of Pokemon Reborn (latest test build)

Incompatible with any Mods that modifiy trainers.dat, trainertypes.dat or trainerlists.dat

Download Link (80% of original level): https://keinniemand.my.to/index.php/s/8oCWYfHzX3e4c72


I wrote a program to change the trainers.txt to create this mod so creating a diffrent version of the mod for a larger/smaller decrease in level or even a increase in levels is pretty easy. Ask If you want a version of this mod with a diffrent level decrease/increase. Github link to the patcher program.

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