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  1. r u *-ing serious? o.o I am deasperately looking 4 a mod to make it EASIER because the game is already rediculously hard to a point there it's outright unplayable to casual-playing PokéMon-Fans. I am at the first gym leader and its sucvh a wall that I can't progress even with Knowledge about what Natures and EVs are.
  2. Thank you for the reply :) Rainbow Field sounds good, I'll try that. And now I at least understand what happened within that battle there. And ... As I've just seen and edeited into my Post, I play the R.E.M - Version and I doint know what I have done to break it that way ^^' All I did was: Before The Gym Leader: - Editing Natures - Healing Party After encountering the Gym Leader: - Editing EV - Insert Pokemon - Insert Items - Edit the gym Leaders "Skill" vallue (That was most likely the worst thing I've done because it
  3. Thanks :) I am currently downloading the Game-Files again to try and repair my File, otherwise I'll start ofer again (Would be a bit extra sad because I'd had a shiny in my Team and the Grind would begin again (I hate grinding it breaks the flow of the game and is just nagging)) Also I'll look for a Mod that chages the Difficulty ... the Way it currently is I am unable to realy play it. And to level up new pokemon I even dont like before every boss battle just to get throgh one wall and dump them then is also not my thing. And yeah... how could I not have thought that u
  4. Hey, 1st. I realy like your game, realy interesting and hooked me up But 2nd.: Could you PLEASE make the Difficulty changeable? I am at the first Gym Leader (The unfriendly Fire-Guy) and he is in no way beatable for common PokéMon-Fans like me. I can't even overcome his Vulpux. (cause somehow my water pokemon doesn't even scratch him but his fire move K.O.s my water mon... that's just insane) A Mod that would reduce the Level of all major Enemys by 20% would be great.
  5. (Sorry, this may be some kind of rant but shouldn't be taken word for word, it's actualy more a cry for help) Hello Folks.... Is this game a TROLL? no, seriously... I am at the FIRST gym leader... the unfriendly FIRE-guy... so I thought "Hey, I have a WATER type (Poliwag) so I attack his FIRE-Type Vulpix wich is also 2 LEVELS BELOW my WATER-Type Polytoad and... do RIDICULOUSLY LOW damage... but his FIRE move AGAINT my WATER-type nealy KILLS it!?!?!? WHAT THE ACTUALY F... HOW!?!?! WHY!?!?! this DOESN'T make ANY sence at all! like AT. ALL. !!!1!!eleven!! O.O
  6. Thanks for the Reply :3 I'll go and train up a Swoobat then, it's even 4x resisting fighting-type moves, too EDIT: I have now a shiny Swoobat (Timid Nature) with Simple... my plan was to use Calm Mind with that ability and sweep her team with Confusion but her first pokemon allready one-hit-K.O.s me -.- meh Guess I realy need to bring it to the Lv-Cap and grind for EVs, too. -.- this game takes soooooo long sessions of grinding and farming every time -.- not realy what keeps me in for long, but I want to know the Story and be on an Adventure in it... but it doesn't feel l
  7. Hi There. Well... I'm now at Kiki's Gym and she demolishes my entire party with ease. -.- (As if the other gym leaders havn't... ... ... this game is just hard) So, her Hitmonlee outspeeds even my Speed-EV trained Greninja! and sweeps my team, well I managed to defeat that but Lucario just again sweeps everything, even one-shoots a Shuckle because I thought "Hey, maybe I can lay Toxic Spikes with Roselia and stall out with a Shuckle whose Shellsmash in combo with his ability raises his defence and sp-defence into the heavens." but the game just "Uhm, NO, duh" because Lucario is
  8. Never mind, the game is still damn hard even at 80% levels -.- I'm now at Kiki's Gym and she demolishes my entire party with ease. Her Hitmonlee outspeeds even my Speed-EV trained Greninja! and sweeps my team, and even if I defeat that, Lucario will finish the job against me -.- *sigh*
  9. Maybe you could also add a 90% version, I somehow feel that that would be great, too, a bit more challenge but still that bit less hard to keep people hooked to a fair chance.
  10. THANKS A LOT!!! I picked up the game a few days ago and liked it, it was hard, yes, but it was a cool setting and realy interestingly written. But after coming across the first PULSE-TANGROTH I remembered, that I had allready played this game a few years ago. A fre hours later I remembered it even more clearly within the questline to sace the officers and remembered that I dropped this game because I wasn't able to proceed but didn't knew quite why and where but it was near... it was... after 17 hours in the game I reached the 3rd PULSE-TANGROTH fight, the double-battle one... and
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