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Poison mono run


So I have beaten Luna in my poison mono run, so I am currently planning my strats for the next 4 gyms due to the gauntlet of not being able to return. My best idea for Charlotte would be to use wide guard, but the only available mon who can learn the move is the mareanie line, but my mystery egg was a gastly. I'm just wandering if it would be considered cheating to trade one over from my other save file, because otherwise I don't think I could beat her due to the sheer amount of damage her spread moves do.

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if it was available earlier i wouldnt consider it cheating. though to keep it at least somewhat fair, id get the mareanie at the same level it would be if it came out of the egg

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2 minutes ago, z64 said:

if it was available earlier i wouldnt consider it cheating. though to keep it at least somewhat fair, id get the mareanie at the same level it would be if it came out of the egg

Yeah, because I can't get one until post restoration otherwise

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I got three unconventional idea and a few other potentially useful tips. It's been a while since I've fought Charlotte though, so you may want to do some further research.

Roserade can be taught Water Sport (The only poison type to learn it). That move would greatly reduce the power of Charlotte's fire type moves AND it would create a steam effect via her terrain reducing the accuracy of all participants on the field except for those protected by the Keen Eye ability (Both Drapion and Skuntank can have that ability). You'd just need to find a way to get Budew to be able to get the move out before it is hit for super effective damage.

Toxicroak can help out in this regards with Fake Out, hindering one of the attackers for a turn, potentially repeatably if you could manage to switch it out.


Victrelbel and Gulpin can both learn Encore. Ariados, Gengar, Arbok, Venomoth, Muk, and both of the Nido-family can learn Disable. If you use Encore and then follow up on the same mon with Disable, you'll lock that mon into being unable to attack for a few turns as it takes struggle damage from not having a move to attack with. This way, you can force Charlotte to effectively fight 1vs2, unless the AI is intelligent enough to switch out her mon after being locked in this way. If you're quite lucky, you might be able to lock down both pokemon this way.)


If you're super-ballsy, you can get Venomoth with Sleep Powder, Quiver Dance and Baton Pass all in the same moveset (normally the set then uses Signal-Beam/Bug Buzz/Struggle-Bug and Tinted Lens). IV/EV train it for max speed and give it Timid nature, pair it up with another sleeper mon to keep Charlotte's team down. Then keep quiver-dancing until you feel satisfied with the number of boosts you have and pass it onto a special attacker (possibly one with Minimize mentioned below for extra livability). Sludge Wave and Acid in particular are the two poison moves that hit both enemy pokemon at the same type (although Sludge Wave also hits your ally). There are other non-poison moves that work though (Dragalge's Twister being one that hits both enemies but not your allies. And with enough quiver boosts, it could even benefit from Twister's flinch chance). Consult Bulbapedia's Double-Battle page for details.


Grass types are probably a bad idea with a fire gym but Victrebel, Venusaur and Vileplume can have Chlorophyll to double its speed in the sun and you can risk using sleep powder. Possibly pair it up with Toxicroak's Fake Out so you can attempt to inflict sleep two turns in a row, one mon each.

Crobat and Gengar can be bred to learn hypnosis, so both are speedy sleeper. (It seems like all of charlotte's mons has a move that is super-effective against the poison/flying combo, so be careful there.)

Skelp/Dragalge can be caught prior to entering the no-return zone, so you could have a poison/water type or poison/dragon type, depending on its current evolutionary state. Either of which would resist fire types (The latter would quad resist solar-beam if that ends up being used with sunny day.)

Salazzle learns Captivate upon evolution, which hits both opposing pokemon to reduce their special attack by 2 stages, which could be very efficient if both opposing mons happen to be Male. Plus, being fire type will help resist fire moves, while fire/poison quad resist solar beam. (You won't have the ability to train it in any unique way though as you get Salandit AFTER you enter the no-return zone, so you can't breed egg-moves, use heart-scales or train for IVs/nature until later. Save-Reset until you get a female one cause only the female evolves and its an event mon, so you only get one shot.)

Qwilfish and Muk are capable of learning Minimize. This combined with the previously mentioned Water Sport (or teaching Qwilfish Surf) will give you a very evasive mon. Qwilfish can also use Rain Dance to help reduce the power of the fire type moves further (and hamper solar beam). If you get minimize running well, you might want to slot in substitute so the odd hit doesn't overly damage your mon.

Weezing, Qwilfish and Gulpin also has access to Destiny Bond for a cheap kill. (Although you might not want to use Destiny Bond and Minimize both on Qwilfish. =P )

If you can get Toxic Spikes running, you can use a mon with Venom Drench to severely weaken her team's ATK, Sp.ATK and Speed. This option is counterproductive with the sleeper-build above though as you can't put to sleep someone who is already poisoned. The plus side is that Venom Drench hits both opposing mons on the field.

The Nido- family both can learn Earth Power when fully evolved, so this could be a useful way to attack super-effectively (except Charlotte's Rotom) in spite of the terrain weakening water moves. Rock type moves can also be useful if you can fit it in somehow.


Right... to sum somewhat what I've mentioned, the poison types can be prepped in several ways:

- Accuracy/Evasion exploit: Either from Minimize or exploiting the terrain's steam effect. Keen Eye users are immune to the effect.

- Reduce the enemy offensive power with Water Sport, Rain-Dance, Captivate, Venom Drench.

- Lock-down the enemy with Fake-Out, Chlorophyll/Sleep-Powder, Encore/Disable

- Score cheap kills with Destiny Bond.

- Defensive typing (fire/poison and poison/dragon in particular) and offensive moves (Ground and Rock preferably as Water is weakened by the terrain).

- Buff exploit with Quiver-Passing.


A quick look at Charlotte's fandom-wiki page mentions that four of her pokemon has offensive rock type moves, so you might want to plan around that. (Assuming the page is still accurate)


Wishing you luck!

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