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[Art: Spriting/Feedback] vsTrainer draft


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Hi, name's Promethe, I have no idea what I'm doing.


It's not cleaned yet, I want get a good grasp of the shapes first, but I got into a big ol' mess this week. I started mashing gen4 battle sprites together at the speed of mach 4 to make a base for my reborn oc-do-not-steal.™ Naturally, when given the chance I draw a non-binary twunk.


Gardenia's arm looks fine with gloves, but I need to change the shading else it'll look weird as only skin (see pic#2).  The other thing is Byron's forearm. Not that smacking people with a shovel isn't a respectable sport but my character's an ex-ranger, nor a miner. I guess it'd look cool with a staff or sword but  1. why and 2. I'm not that edgy (I think huuh).  I guess I could just put a briefcase or a medical kit so the silhouette's still readable??


vsTrainer53_v02.6.jpg.fad7c6cd48b8c91c4b21d1cb8763e5eb.jpg  vsTrainer53_v02.7_draft.jpg.89dc9c6b345a572e5af25bc803860274.jpg

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Just a small update, I finally got around playing with the sprite!

It's a bit more readable now, though I need to clean the art line... and redo the coat and hair... narrow down the palette... *sigh*

That medkit is MIA, I'm still not sure about that. 🤔 There's a lot missing, but I feel like the clothes are still off.



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looks cool so far! i'd go with the medkit- i think it'll give the sprite a nice balance. i think what you're missing with the clothes, though moreso with the hair, is dimension. adding 1 or 2 more darker greys would make it more defined. same goes for the orange on the sweater, since it's all pretty light


unrelated, but how'd did you make that trainer banner? 

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8 hours ago, earthprisonpanopticon said:

unrelated, but how'd did you make that trainer banner? 

Long story short? A metric-ton of layers. Also, thanks for your feedback Dallas! I'll git gud with the shading, it's still a bit of a mess. 🤔


Loooooong version, I made this with Krita, which is essentially Photoshop but free. 😄 It's not made for spriting, but with a couple tweaks it's pretty good!

(Like using a grid, creating pixel brushes, disabling anti-aliasing for the wand and enabling fast mode for the bucket, things like that.)

  • The pokémon & items I ripped from Reborn's graphic folder. Anything else, I got it from The Spriters Resource
  • Except the UI, which is ripped and edited from a PNG which traces back to the pokecharms site.
  • The glow effect is really just a gaussian blur.
  • The text is just the GBA-style font from dafont, I think?
  • Lastly the character is Decibel's design re-tweaked, with some concept art I posted on reddit.
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