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Randomizer for Version 11!


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Heyy y'all, if you're reading this, you're in an outdated version of the randomizer and Rejuvenation! I recommend you update both. You can find the updated randomizer here and the updated version of the game here!


With the help of a script from the PokeCommunity, I have made a Randomizer option for Pokemon Rejuvenation V11 (Patch 1)!

Instructions on how to use it are in the file named README.txt, so please actually read it. If anything happens, contact me here or on the Reborn Discord server, @HauDareYou#2922




  • Randomized Encounters, Gift Pokemon, and Battles!
  • Mega Pokemon will be randomized into another random Mega Pokemon.
  • Crest Pokemon will be randomized into another random Crest Pokemon.
  • Yveltal, Shadow Mewtwo, Giratina, Groudon, Kyogre, Rift Fights, and Pulse Musharna remain un-randomized. (This is mostly out of personally preference, however I felt that heavily story-related Pokemon should stay as is.)
  • In the party menu, once you select a Pokemon, you now have the option to either nickname the Pokemon, or re-randomize it!
  • The Randomizer can be enabled at any time by talking to the gate clerk at the Oceana Pier Gate.


Known Bugs:

  • Randomized Shadow Pokemon have the original Pokemon's moveset upon purification. I don't know how to change this, so it will be staying.
  • Rift Pokemon would randomize to a random Pokemon.
  • It is currently impossible to progress past Marianette.
  • The second Rift Gyarados fight is impossible to start.
  • When you play as another trainer, the movesets don't match the current Pokemon.


Google Drive:


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