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  1. Interceptor is not YOU the player, because Crescent is also an "Interceptor" and has died once.
  2. I hated the puzzles lol. It's not what I play Pokemon for, I just want to get to the battles and the story and the grinding.
  3. Snarl has uses on slower mons in some situations. Mind you less useful in this game since the AI will switch out if you debuff it too much, but you can play around that with hazards.
  4. Funny thing is that one seems to work; I forgot that detail and tried to bullet punch a target on Psychic field and got reminded no that's wrong.
  5. wtb Protect TM for my horrifying zombie mushroom creature Edit: come to think of it there's a lot of missing TMs: Dragon Claw Psyshock Calm Mind Ice Beam Blizzard Earthquake Protect Toxic Fireblast Thunder Double Team Rest Focus Miss Giga Impact and Hyper Beam Swords Dance Gyro Ball PuP Punch Dazzling Gleam and others I am probably forgetting. I look forward to when we get them, some of these moves would be nice to have. It is pretty challenging to not have them, but I want >.<
  6. I'd like to see some of the current crests reworked also. Glaceon's crest for example seems good on paper, until you remember the AI doesn't think like a person and will just hit you with whatever coverage move it has that will hit almost as hard as the rock or steel move it would have otherwise used. The crests that just add resistance are useless outside of taking less damage on a switch.
  7. I keep running into this issue. I use Misty Terrain and continue to get afflicted by status like Sleep and Paralysis regardless. Is it bugged or does background terrains just automatically disable these moves? I don't get it.
  8. Sleeping in your bed at Tesla's Villa seems to have fixed it.
  9. I'm gonna say it. I just got to Neo East Gearen and I automatically hate it. I liked the dark bladerunner looking city better :T At least West Gearen is unchanged.
  10. I'm not sure why but suddenly my game thinks it's daytime at 12:41am local time...I noticed prior it seemed to shift day/night randomly and then after doing a bit of time traveling for side quests the game seems to be stuck thinking it's daytime in the middle of what is actually midnight, even if I save and close the game and restart. How do I fix this? It's kind of annoying.
  11. +1 for Electivire getting a Crest that gives it Fighting Stab/Resistences. I remember playing a ROMhack that made Electivire an Elect/Fight type and it just fit so well. Brick Break is an amazing tool to carry on your 'vire but it just doesn't hit THAT hard with no stab.
  12. On my next playthrough I plan to abuse the Thief/Covet then Fling & Recycle thing as much as possible. Pretty tired of beating my head against assault vests without having my own.
  13. Did this fight last night, it wasn't hard just annoying. Misty Terrain does not block the Lovely Kiss btw. I dunno if that changed in a recent update or the game is bugged, but the Gardevoir repeatedly put my Sylveon to sleep with Misty Terrain up.
  14. Wait there was a Life Orb in the Library? I must have missed it, I never got a Life Orb...
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