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  1. Is there a way to see regionals with the Pokedex? Would like to see move sets of Aevium-Pokemon before leveling them
  2. Ye had some problems too with that map but was not sure if I am maybe just too dump
  3. I was not able to bread my Aevium mareep it turned out normal and hat no moves at all. (Gonna try it again when I finally get my hands on Ditto)
  4. Same goes for me with the dens maybe you need more bages to get a hgher leveled den just like in sw/sh I only have 7 by now and you only have 5 so how about keep playing and come back later?
  5. Just dont use the moded script file. Without it it works for me
  6. No colour wont change, but the Pokemon does so you can get a blue one and then soft reset.
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