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  1. I hope this is the case. Concidering that appearently V13 is gonna be a longer version, I hope that it might contain more answers. Mysteries are only intriguing for so long. It is fun to speculate a lot tho, I must say. I am worried about this too. I've seen people speculate about certain choices being linked to certain endings. And I don't mind that too much at all. What I do mind is that people are talking about karma points and how it's linked to sidequests. I haven't really done any of the sidequests, to be honest. I'm worried something like that might affect the end
  2. Giving you a like for that. I like your ideas! I'm not sure until now what to think. It's been a while too since I played the game so a lot could be forgotton since playing it. It is true, however, that Madame X has done good despite being the main (?) antagonist. I always felt like it was out of necessaity, tho? I thought I remembered her saying in the doomed timeline that she's only working with us to fix our mistakes. I mean, she's stuck there too so it's not like there's any other options for her. But it sounds likely that destroying the world isn't on their agenda. But I just can't
  3. Honestly? No idea at all. This is what probably bothers me the most about this story. There's no answers given to anything asked. It feels like the reason we until now haven't got the slightest clue what Team Xen wants is purely for it to be revealed later in a dramatic shocking way. This isn't a good way of writing an antagonist. We have no reason to really fight them except for plot reasons (and Melia). I'm honestly begging that the one thing V13 has is just answers...even just one answer. I'm tired of being left in the dark.
  4. The characters in Rejuvenation is a mixed bag for me. Some of them I do enjoy (Aelita, Erin, Tesla etc) whereas others I cannot stand. As someone mentioned earier, I have the same problem as they do with Melia. I understand that she's techincally the main character, but I feel like she has a habit of hugging the spotlight a bit too much. She even overshadows the PC which I find annoying. At least in Reborn the PC is actually seen as a genuine threat and isn't just ignored for being mute/a self-insert. But in Rejuvenation, I just feel like you could take the PC out of the story and it wouldn't
  5. Just wanted to say I completely agree with you about Ame's character. Anyways, back to Rejuvenation. No idea who the champion is. Alexandra to me feels like an easy mislead or something. Idk, I feel like the story has so many twist and turns that I cannot trust anything or anyone, hah...
  6. Ooooo, didn't know that. But it makes sense. Isn't it basically confirmed that Melia = Maria/Marionette/Melanie? Like, of course it's not stated out-loud, but is that confirmation even needed at this point? We have all the hints to put together that they're all the same person/reincarnated. Same hair color, same gifted existense and they're usually all desired by horrible people for their light thingy. Also one thing I realized: Melia has never met Maria/Marionette. Only Melanie. But the odd thing is....she made Melaine a part of herself, even tho they're from different timelines. So
  7. I really hope that's the case, because if I'm gonna be honest, I can't clearly understand what actually happened to her. Red-haired girl claims she killed her, but if she's in the nightmare city, that can't be the case. Unless that's where dead people hang out too, or like you said, another version of Crescent. It's a rather bold statement to make to have killed someone, but then again, we dunno if this redhead or Kieran is aware of Nightmare city. Crescent must be really important, at least. She wasn't taken to the doctor to be brainwashed like the others. Maybe she's in a void, where we
  8. Yes, that's a thing too That's why I love speculating on her character motivation because it's so mysterious. For all we know, we can all be wrong about her. I really hope for the next chapter we'll maybe get some better idea what really happened to her, cuz she's clearly not dead, just out of commission in the moment.....I...think?
  9. I'd honestly compare the relationship between Crecent and PC with that of Homura and Madoka from PMMM Homura is the all-knowing one who purposefully withholds information and prevents Madoka from taking action in any situation since Homura knows the truth and doesn't want Madoka to get hurt. Madoka, on the other hand, is the clueless protagonist who has the power to change reality (and basically become God), but is only able to do so after gathering every possible information and make the choice to save the world. It's very clear that Crecent does have some kind of relationship with PC
  10. (Mind you, I haven't played through the entire game yet since I'm stuck at Glasswork, just as a heads up) In my opinion, I deeply related to Titania's story. As someone who is also been in an unhealthy relationship, I could understand her struggles a lot. It made me regret picking the Zekrom path seeing as she's being tied down by Amaria's inability to accept the truth. This part of the game was my favorite for being a realistic depiction of a toxic relationship. While I empathize with Amaria, she's clearly not suited for this kind of relationship without going through some treatment first.
  11. "Is this what freedom looks like...?" Watercolor illustration of Titania
  12. Dunno if anybody is interested, but I feel like speculating a bit about the Player Character cuz they're one of the more interesting characters to me in this game So reading the various theories people have, it seems a lot of people speculate that Crecent is PC's mom. I find this theory interesting and wouldn't mind if it was true. But what bothers me about peoples "proof" of this is how it's based on her saying "she wishes to see the PC smile/be happy" and in general being a sort of antagnost, always trying to stop the PC from progressing in the story. How I interpert Crecent's wish is t
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