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  1. Dunno if anybody is interested, but I feel like speculating a bit about the Player Character cuz they're one of the more interesting characters to me in this game So reading the various theories people have, it seems a lot of people speculate that Crecent is PC's mom. I find this theory interesting and wouldn't mind if it was true. But what bothers me about peoples "proof" of this is how it's based on her saying "she wishes to see the PC smile/be happy" and in general being a sort of antagnost, always trying to stop the PC from progressing in the story. How I interpert Crecent's wish is t
  2. Decided to do some headshots of the first five gym leaders you meet. I am planning on doing more, but didn't feel like spamming Also I realize head-shots aren't the most interesting of fanarts, but I hope to do some more illustrations for this game Until then, enjoy, I guess? Please forgive this awful photo quality too
  3. "Swallowed into the dark depts" Watercolor illustration of Amaria
  4. Was bored and figured I'd make some random doodle fanart meanwhile being stuck in the game, lmao Maybe I'll do the other characters too, idk who tho, so yeah! Enjoy~
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