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  1. @Duskfang Shadowpaw Ok but I don't know if we have the same timelines because it's 10:37 pm in my clock right now.
  2. Can someone please trade me a pokemon from the Gengar line? Because I need it against adrienn(e?) Because I don't think my Nidoking will be enough.
  3. @traaxYou a water trainer? Because you have a lotad, krabby, and mudkip at the same time
  4. @Atg303 Wow, your actually ahead of me I'm still looking for his helpers and grinding my new team consisting of: Gardevoir lvl [49] Nidoking lvl [43] Silvally lvl [57] Greninja lvl [78] Metagross lvl [80] Magnezone lvl [65] Having to many team members for your main party is tough given all the grinding you have to do before every gym battle but also offers you extreme flexibility. (this is actually my second box full of team members ) (Why do I sound like a grandma) Can someone tell me where his helpers are?
  5. @Node15Ok, where isssss the thread?
  6. I have a warning point.😓

  7. Can anyone please tell me the basics to EV/IV training because I still don't know a thing about it after the 4 years since I last started playing pokemon ('Cause me dumb) And I want to give it a try because most of my pokemon are WEAK AS SHIT And I can't even beat meteor grunts in-game without at least three of my pokemon fainting. (halp me) (Sorry for the profanities)
  8. I play the game too :] /|\ | Not an emoji eh? Also I hate the female rival >:[
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