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  1. So I have everything updated in the game and I am still stuck at the part where the explosion happens at the GDS and I accidentally left that area and I can’t get back to it. Is there anything I can do Bc I would really rather not start all over with all the progress I made. If you need my save file for that, where do I access that at and how does one post it on here. Thank you -Wispexx
  2. How does one change the colors of the tiles?
  3. So, I may be having a bit of trouble beating Arc light in the Devon Corp. I don’t have any healing items left and the electrocution squares keep defeating my high level Pokémon. I have only 2 high level ground type Pokémon unfortunately so the rest just kinda dies when I get to him. Is there anyway I can receive any help Bc id like to just beat that area and move on with the story. (also, sorry if this is in the wrong section, didn’t see one for asking for help)
  4. Not quite sure if my previous post was posted but any who, I’m stuck and not sure what to do next. I’m on the tainted light chapter I believe and im at the part where Ren locks the gate the city I need to go to. And Bc I was spam clicking while talking to Ren, I’m not entirely sure where I need to go or what I need to do.
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