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  1. Wow this is a really cool challenge, and also proof that you don't need to grind in this game lol.
  2. xSilas

    18.2 Beldum event

    So I wanted to finish up all the quests before I go to the circus and when I got to the Beldum event the healing machine is no longer taking my data chip. I've got a data chip in my bag but talking to the healing machine in Byxbysion wasteland doesn't do anything. Was the Beldum event moved or am I doing something wrong?
  3. While I'm not an expert I think this is caused by. In reborn the AI in reborn will prioritize using weaker moves on you if those weaker moves kill to try and preserve PP and rolls might not have ben programed in properly. Since you lived on 9 hp I'm assuming that was a low roll and a higher roll would have killed.
  4. You probably shouldn't rename the file since the game probably uses the name as a check for what to look for
  5. Their is an egg early in the game in jasper ward that has a 5% chance to get larvesta. If you haven't gotten the egg yet you can reset for the larvesta
  6. I was breeding for a good Roselia and got 2 perfect ones in a single set. So if you want it just reply Look at that gorl. It also knows sleep powder and giga drain as egg moves. Just reply if you want it First come first serve
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