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    Loves (Likes the most) : Fire type Pokemons (Mostly both Cinderace and Chi-Yu from Canon Game and Trishout from Fan Made Game), Croagunk Poison Jabbing Brock in Pokemon Anime franchise (Because it's very funny), Humble people, Holy Fire Field (Came formerly from Pokemon Ashen Frost), Holy Flame Field (My future favorite field), Pizza, Playing video games, Ice Cream(It's a food, of course. I'm not referring to someone.), Shiki Tohno and Arcueid Brunestud (Both heroes of Tsukihime series) shipping moments, Makoto Yuki (Main protagonist of Persona 3), Kabane Kusaka (Main protagonist of Kemono Jihen), How awesome Saitama is, Eminence in shadow (anime) and a lot of things I can't tell...

    Likes : Traveling (My imagination), Being straight, Being a gentleman, Friends that I respect (and forgiving them), Electric type Pokemons (Mostly Pawmot), My mother, My younger brother, Chicken Burger, Club Sandwich, Admiting my fault in case of making a terrible mistake or many of them, Vero (MC Reborn), Aevis (MC Rejuvenation), Chad (MC Desolation), Saitama (Protagonist from One Punch Man), Mitsuru Kirijo (From Persona 3).

    Neutral : My younger sister, My father, Winning, Losing, Other types of pokemons, Inoffensive animals, Being popular or not, Love (It can hurt you sometimes), Telling my true name (Though, I'm scared to reveal it to everyone)

    Dislikes : Alcohols, Number 4 being death, Being told what to do, Losing friends that I respect, Error programs, Deleting many important things in laptop, Multiverse theory, My name getting mispronounced by someone, Sonic Omens (The most saddening Fan Made Sonic Game)

    Hates (Dislikes the most) : My misfortunes, Free fall (I'm very scared of heights/falling down), Number 13 being unlucky, Misunderstandings, Eggs, Spicy foods, Ghosts, Insects, Aggresive animals, Living in a blackout, Being scolded by someone (Same as BETRAYAL) , My own act of sheer stupidity, Dying, Bad people/Criminals, The death of innocent people, Being abandonned by my friends, Seeing my trustworthy friends falling into depression, Horror Movies, My sister's act of defiance, My younger brother’s guts, Number 666, playing video game that has to do with football (like FIFA) and I can't tell you more things that I hate...

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  1. Here's Pokemon Desolation to Pokemon Desolation : Reality of Willpower and Dream of Despair. Here's the dialogue after Diego defeats Jarred :

    Jarred : Jarred... lost?

    Despite Jarred's dance prowess and superior fashion sense...

    And even though we went as far as to dip our toes into the water?!

    This is... inconceivable...

    But... truly exhilarating!

    Diego : ???!!


    Jarred : You are worthy of dancing with me, Diego!

    And you truly are worthy of being in this great race!

    Jarred will watch your progress with great interest!

    Perhaps, we will meet again... as you grow closer to finding my dear, lost, Lugia...

    Good luck, esteemed trainer!

    Until then... Jarred has otherworldly matters to attend to!

    Beep boop!


    Jarred exploded.


    Diego : What the *bleep* was that?! He exploded!

    All right, I've had enough with Jarred!

    On the bright side, I got rid of him for good! I hope so!

    Time to enter the portal to return to Cinder Tunnel.

    Then I must hurry.

    It won't take long to wake up Moltres.


    Note : I'm done with it for today. See you in next weekend.

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