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  1. The Team Randomizer mode resets your Pokemon's experience after each battle. I don't know if it is supposed to be like that but it's pretty annoying.
  2. You can use your backup saves to go to a previous save. Here is a link on how to access your backups I hope that it helps.
  3. No that's not the right one. The link below contains instructions on how to acces your save data and use your backup saves I hope that will help. If you have trouble with your game you can post your savefile here.
  4. You can get Metal Coat from wild Bronzor in Darchlight Cave or in the Power Plant in West Gearen City.
  5. No problem but I think the bug was fixed in v12.2 at least it is for me. If you are still having issues just post your save file again.
  6. Delcatty might have Wonder Skin as its Ability reducing Encores accuracy by 50%.
  7. You can get Razor Fangs from wild Bruxish. A for the Key Shards Wetlands Laboratory Right Room Card Key Shard #1 (2nd container under the blue monitor switch)#Not detected by the Itemfinder! Valor Summit Card Key Shard #2 (rock at the bottom right, top area of the Summit) #Not detected by the Itemfinder! Darchlight Cave Stairs Area (Dark) Card Key Shard #3 (lower left black rock after the bridge, left stairs area) #Not detected by the Itemfinder! I copied this from the Item Guide.
  8. There is a Vileplume blocking the path to the cave. You can only fight it if you use Spice Powder on it which you can be bought at the Poke-Markt.
  9. Yes just remove them while you are in the Safari Zone and add them back in later.
  10. Are you using mods? That might be the reason why you get this error message.
  11. Here is a link on how to access your save data and backup saves. You can go back to a previous save which should fix your problem.
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