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  1. The wiki page of route 2 says that burmy can appear on lowrate trees with headbutt, I have not a clue on how the headbutt mechanic operates here, but all trees I checked appear to be highrate, because they have caterpie encunters which would be impossible in lowrate. Anyone know how I can find these evasive low rate trees?
  2. It's says on the wiki that sneasel is an event encounter on Evergreen Forest but I can't find it anywhere, I am currenly at 5 badges is it possible to get one before the sixth? (without taking into account the mystery egg cause RNG.)
  3. Oh no wait, I see, Lunatone and Solrock. Well that's still after the water badge is given so I gotta fill my pokedex first. Altough that will be handy for after I get surf.
  4. Yeah, I'll probably go do that after I'm done leveling everyone up, I'll get the stones as I scour my boxes from the rocks I can and then go do the battle.
  5. God FUCK just as I give up on the stones, I got three shinies in a row! even with boosted odds my god that is 1/1.000.000!
  6. I feel like you are missing some context, aren't you familiar with the professor oak challenge? I guess it is not that mainstream. Basically I have to fill my pokedex as much as possible before each badge. That means that each pokemon should be captured and evolved always whenever it may be a possibility, no matter how low. In games without level cap the main difficulty lies in getting high level evos in the first gym and early ones in general. Here, there are rare candies past a certain level for a pickup user but I chose to make it a softer not so strict one so only level cap and, as a compensation, every pockemon must reach said cap. Now I was planning on using the mining to my advantage but my chances are so low at this point in game that this falls under my freebie rule.
  7. You know what, forget it, This is not a perfect run anyways, next time it's done via the rocks and I'll be careful with the first rocks, I'm going for single drops...
  8. Good, either case is good for me. In fact if the two are a possibility, it also helps my chances.
  9. Well I am, but the thing about the challenge is doing it as much as I can before each badge. Btw, do you know if a rock can contain more than one evo stone, or does it count as a duplicate?
  10. Well i do have one kid over at Maman's who is selling leaf fire and water, so those are taken care of, and thunderstone is not something I'm not that worried about, there are like 3 pokemon that only evolve that way and the only one I got, Raichu I already evolved.
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