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  1. here! dunno if it matters with what y'all fixed, but i was 3/4ths of the way through the quest before updating to 6.3, and, while i don't remember exactly, there's a good chance i originally started it on the beta build tbh Game.rxdata
  2. heya, when i beat boss in blackview i got this error at the end of the dialogue after, pressing ok dismisses the popup but the mc is frozen and can't move after.
  3. hi i relate to the needing to plan things so much. so, so much. i have an outline and i still need to plan. anyway, i said i'd pull quotes and i'm here to do so: also! aya's characterization here is extremely good! how relaxed she is in the wasteland, how she talks about her relationship with cain; how she talks about her job--all of her parts are really well done!!
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