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  1. np. I spend way too much time thinking about how to cheese some of these boss fights.
  2. I don't know a pokemon that could efficiently beat it alone, but a few of geodudes with sturdy and magnitude could do the job.
  3. Vanilla Ep 19 more or less already includes this mod.
  4. I don't anything about spork, but I do now that it's Reborn's custom shiny for it, so I assume it was intentional. .
  5. If there is a difference in the sprites, I can't tell except for the egg sprites.
  6. You can just breed new ones. They can't tell the difference.
  7. I don't really need anything Particular. IGN is Faetasm
  8. Krookadile: Fast, strong, and learns earthquake, which so few pokemon learn. Combine that with moxie and you've got a one pokémon army.
  9. Glory to the Dark Lady! Praise Darkrai!
  10. Staraptor is a long time favorite of mine. Frail, but hits like a truck.
  11. Trade Stunfisk to the clown in the circus that gives you a riddle in The gate between Agate Circus and City.
  12. Try You can get one from the lady in the Obsidia ward pokémon center for finding her son in South Obsidia.
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