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  1. lol nice, ok also just something i've noticed, the starter eggs sidequest doesn't accept any of the gen 8 starters
  2. How do i get to the I've obtained the Ivory Key, and can get to the other 3 shrines, but can't get to the that one.
  3. How, exactly? Tried using it as an item, but didn't work. Tried levelling up while holding it, also didn't work. Tried using a Link Stone while holding the item, didn't work.
  4. Bugreport: Attempting to breed Mr. Rime, regardless of whether with incense or not, causes a Mr. Rime egg to be generated. Unsure if this also applies to Sirfetch'd or not.
  5. Thanks! One last question; how do i get a Hoennian Obstagoon? Didn't find anything about it on the wiki, and it hasn't been asked here before either.
  6. Couldn't find any info in the thread, so asking now. How do i evolve Galarian Slowpoke here? that and where do i find the alcremie sweets they aren't in the candy store
  7. Hey, got a question. I'm wondering if any of the alt form pokémon have data ingame for Wild Held Items? I'm really enjoying the mod so far though :3
  8. @Katernin : katernin (Lowercase first letter)
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