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  1. @Starry Knight yeah that've done it. My esc key was fucked on my laptop keyboard. Just removed esc from the F1 menu to fix it.
  2. @WildRoad I am using an external wireless keyboard, from a laptop, since the laptop keyboard is non-functional. No changes to F1 options. No Mods. game_2.rxdata Game.rxdata
  3. My textbox is now unreadable cause every convo is skipped at lightning speed. The textbox closes immediately as the NPC finished his dialogue. My keyboard works fine as I tested with 2 keyboards. The game goes for both Pokemon Rejuvenation and Pokemon Reborn. I tried to talk to shopkeepers where the convo would not end before I close the shop, the text just instantly appears on my screen, even when I have text speed normal.
  4. Currently, I am stuck in Blacksteeple Castle. On blocks that doesn't even exist. I only have 2 blocks of space to move, and it gets me nowhere. I am new here, so how do I get this fixed? Game.rxdata
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