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  1. I experienced this glitch too. Don't know how to fix it without a soft reset, sorry.
  2. The first time I heard Reborn's name was from HeroVoltsy's channel. He had a video called "Best Pokémon Fangames" and Reborn wasn't on the list, unfortunately. However, the people in the comments section vehemently disagreed, saying that a game called "Pokémon Reborn" was the best fangame ever. (20 minutes later) HOLY CRAP THE FIRST GYM LEADER'S GOT A FULL TEAM!!!
  3. Linkin Park-The Little Things Give You Away
  4. All starters except Torchic, Snivy and Froakie. I'm looking at you, Speed Boost, Contrary and Protean........
  5. Oh dear Helix.....this is starting to sound like that video,"teens react to Linkin Park reacting to teens reacting to Linkin Park"
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