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  1. Also nominating Specific for Profile Picture Perfection.
  2. Nominating @Specific for Member of the Year and Artist of the Year. I'll take my coal now kthx.
  3. This doesn't seem to have been reported before. Primal Kyogre has some spriting mistakes, namely some white pixels in places that shouldn't have them Chinchou's shiny front suffers from the same issue. Shiny Mega Banette as well. Mega Lopunny, both front and back, both regular and shiny (in the same spots)
  4. lmao I still can't believe Rhybombee is in. Thank you for blessing Reborn with this majestic beast.
  5. Yes hello I have more noms that I may or may not have already mentioned before @not Azery for member of the year + gym leader @Walpurgis for Fern Sevilla + cna't spel + award @Hycrox for most likely to never give you up + k-k-k-kawaii (also originally nommed him for memer but accidentally cut it from first one) @Feskik for profile picture perfection, though it's on Discord @MintMan for illest aliases, again, because of Discord @sailboat for sugarpop sunbeam @Marcello for pointedest poindexter.
  6. Hot damn, lots of categories. aight I nominate: @not Azery for auspicious auth @Walpurgis for smelliest auth rip nominating loki
  7. hey look this exists Forum Name: DMBY Showdown alt(s): DMBY Discord: DMBY#8322 Availability: Usually from 5 PM to 11 PM (GMT + 3) Favourite type(s): Dragon, Steel, Fire Least favourite type(s): Fairy, Ice
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