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  1. With the release of "Episode 4: Knowledge is Power" we hope you'll join us in the closing of our story's prologue. As you trek through the unknown bowels of the Sagitarrian Mountains: walk with caution, mind your appendages, and try your best to keep your head.
  2. As @ssbCasper stated: The main characters, and their friends, are all young adults. We aren't entirely putting a number to their ages. Just think: young adult, college/military-age.
  3. @Feng Lei This is an incredibly detailed review, and some very thoughtful feedback. The team loves it when people get as much as they can out of Pokemon Empire! We're also excited you've been enjoying yourself with the product so far. We can't wait to see where we can take the project, and it's always nice to have those who are willing to set aside time for crafting a thorough analysis and critique. The Empire Dev Team thanks you. Imperium sempiternum.
  4. We're excited to see everyone's reception to the continuation of our story. We hope you enjoy
  5. Players are unable to obtain it in Episode 1
  6. Taking Karrablast will afford you Escavalier and Shelmet will get you Accelgor. We will either be implementing a trade-evolution item in the future or plan an in-game event specifically to evolve this pair
  7. Thanks for catching that. We're going to throw the fix for that bug and a couple others we've found into a new a 1.1 patch. The download for the fixed version up to that point should go live soon.
  8. Thanks for the feedback. We hope you enjoyed it. We're sure Octavius will have fun amping up the difficulty in the future
  9. Most Pokemon that evolve via trade will have an evolution item. In some special cases, such as Shelmet and Accelgor, we may elect to use an in-game event instead. As of right now, Pokemon that could evolve as soon as possible due to trading are not able to evolve. This is simply for balancing
  10. Then that would be more concerning. You could try and purchase an Ice Heal from any of the other vendors in the game, for now. If you're unable to do so then the copy-pasted code for that item might be inputted incorrectly. In order to access the bottled water you'll have to wait until we can post the patched game, unfortunately. Sorry for the inconvenience
  11. Did the game crash, or was there just the error? We've gone back into the code and found out there's a simple fix. We expect there will be some more bugs found in the coming days, so this bug you found and any others will be fixed in a patch within a week. Thanks so much for the feedback
  12. Glad to hear it! We hope you find Empire compelling. Telius Aeternum
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