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  1. "If you’re ever in danger or need help, I swear I’ll be the first to be informed. You’ll see. This isn’t over yet. One way or another, I’ll have an impact on your story. It will be ours!"

    Winona -- (The Tale of a Firehead - Episode 13)


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    2. Q-Jei


      Actually, Norman is supposed to be 38 years old while Winona is 30 years old if I remember well. Winona is also very directive and has a strong link with the Pokemon Association since we can see early at the start of the manga that she calls Norman to order after he left the Gym in Petalburg without notifying her or the Pokemon Association. In fact, she's even described as the leader of Hoenn Gym Leaders, which is not meaningless. This is in this same part of the manga that she commends Flannery's improvements as a new Gym Leader. Winona is also seen in an episode of the Battle Frontier part of Pokemon Adventures (Pokemon Adventures Emerald) where she's accompanied by Wallace as they are attending the wedding of Wanda and Riley (The lovers you reunite in Rusturf Tunnelafter using Rock Smash. Yeah, yeah, they are the same persons you meet in the official games). Furthermore, Winona has a common past with Wallace but always refuses to have a certain romantic bond with him. Overall, I remember having put quite a lot of effort making coherent links between TTOAF and all these specific elements you can spot in Pokemon Adventures.


      Apart from that, I recognize it's been forever since I haven't uploaded another episode of my written run, but I'm demonically busy with my current internship plus all the pressure I'm forced to endure for my graduation in computer sciences. My way to spend my free time has been impacted a lot and I didn't want to publish another episode by fear of not being able to organize myself correctly, which can't be benificial for both the quality of my work and my sanity. Also, I didn't have a good memory of the comments I got since I had put a lot of time in my writings at this time. Just add to it the feeling of isolation due to the pandemic. All of this combined made me sink into a gruesome state of mind that prevented me from doing anything that is related to creation. I just wanted to be at peace with my current situation and live with as less anxiety as possible while focusing more on my student life. Today, I'm still crawling in the setting of a similar scenario, but the truth is that I don't want to cancel what I did until now concerning TTOAF. The proof is, the comments are not disabled on this topic. In mid-February, I found an agreement with Ame to preserve it by removing the archive tag that was automatically applied on threads after six months of inactivity. I can't tell you when Flannery's adventures will be back. I don't want to rush it but I don't want to think too much about what could happen in the next episode either. I just need to find the best timing to jump back on my Word files and share the fruit of my imagination again. Just remember that I don't have superpowers like a Marvel character. If I could choose one, it would definitely be a healing ability so I could use it on myself to feel better and regain the vitality and self-confidence that I think are lacking way too much for me these days. I hope you and all the other persons who will read this will understand what I'm getting at. As long as you keep safe and be kind with each other, everything will be okay.

    3. Mindlack


      I'm sorry. I really didn't mean to sound pushy or demanding. I can certainly understand that with graduation requirements and an internship, you're extremely busy and under pressure. That the pandemic isn't helping. And the isolation is one of its most damaging by-products, yes. 

      I can understand that your main current aspiration is to heal and alleviate the stress. To take the time to let the desire to create and share one's creation re-surface on its own schedule. 

      I am aware that you don't have any superpowers. A sped-up self-healing factor would be very useful in these times, yes (although in true Marvel fashion that would mean that supervillains would also be after you for nefarious purposes). 

      I hope you'll manage to keep yourself safe and get better. 

    4. Evi Crystal

      Evi Crystal

      Take care and try to get as much rest as possible. Hope you'll get well with your health😟

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