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  1. Hello everybody, how are you all doing? Don’t know about you guys, but I’ve been pretty busy these days. For those who wanted to know why, that’s because I’ve been teleworking for my internship without any day off, and I’ll still be at it until mid-August. As a result, I’ve somewhat lost the sense of time and was quieter than usual. My organisation may have approached the ‘doughless pizza’ level, I’m commited to get the next episode of TTOAF done in the most proper way. Furthermore, I’ve quickly realised that some steps during the writing session could be ignored, so the timelapse between two uploads wouldn’t last forever as it currently happens. Because yes, there’s no need to sweep it under the carpet. Overtime, it became pointless to translate Flannery’s adventures in two different languages, especially since there’s only one version out on Team Showcase. If I only focus on the English version of the episodes, my work would become significantly easier and less tiresome. Don’t think however that I’ve grown tired of my hobbies: it’s basically my defective way to proceed that made me slow down the pace. The fact of writing down the same thing two times in a different format had made it redundant to me, so I had to seriously meditate on a long-term solution. Now this is clear: I must draw a line on my native language and essentially opt for English during the writing sessions. This way, the timelapse between the future episodes would become shorter and it would be a way more enjoyable experience for me and for you.


    All this to say, gomenasai everyone! I know it’s been forever, but this plus the fact I’ve been busy because of my internship has led to the muffle of my overall activity on the community where all I did was sharing music and participating to the prediction game in Onyx Arcade. Be reassured, the day I’ve decided to let TTOAF down has not come yet. The proof is, I’m almost done with episode twenty. Hope it will be worth the efforts (and the wait)!


    Stay tuned for further information~ 🙂

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