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    Play games,sleep,music and eat. I love fate grand order too.

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  1. Finally some good fucking food!
  2. Please, where can i find a meditite? Edit: Already found it Great game btw, already finished episode 3 and loved it, loking foward for episode 4, only complaint i have is about the 2 level that the enemies always have above you, this can make things annoying, specially when a pokemon that should't have been able to outspeed you do it.
  3. ~ Guiller ~


    > the exception here, of course, is titania, who probably hates you, but that's normal for a titania her age I want my Blue moon ice cream back!!!!!
  4. Welll, think i will breed a gardevoir now.
  5. TIL that i need more friends =/
  6. Is not better to use Nasu's Alignment style for this? (The one that show how the servant see herself, because different from lawful,neutral and chaotic, what is good and evil change according to the character's timeline).
  7. @~ Guiller ~ User name: Vitor
  8. Lol, Someone will try get points with benneth, fern and El?
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