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  1. NGL It kind of made me think less of her now, i know she means well but why get so butthurt because the MC find it creepy the fact she wants to be your surrogate mother when is not even a month ago that your true mother died? strange bro, just strange....
  2. Thanks for the tips, and lol, why making Tesla hate you gives so much points? maybe is a foreshadow for a possible plot importance in the future? because right now she's not that relevant... Just to be clear, this here is the only chance we have in the game to lower Tesla relationship points besides not saving Amber? Tesla: But of course, you don't have to stay here if you don't want to. Choices: - Thank you... (Tesla +2) - I don't know what to say... (Neutral) - ... (Tesla -3)
  3. Oh don't worry about that, i already finished the game and my next playthrough will just be a bad ending route anyways, don't think i will need Zen headbutt on that one. I think i will just wait for 13.5V, till then i think this bug will already be corrected. But thanks again bro
  4. No point in betraying everyone if they already expected it right? So, anyone have a walktrought of what i have to do to get to the bad end in the nightmare realm and make most of the peoples still trust you?
  5. Yeah I'm using 13.0.5, this even shows when i open the game, i dunno why the bug report says is still on 13.0.4 Thanks, here's my file. Apparently this bug only happens when i try to teach "zen headbutt" or "gastro acid" (i even put pokemon in my part that can learn the moves for you to test). Liquidation, Drill run and stomping tantrum seems to be working fine. Game_4.rxdata
  6. You know what is funny? we have access to this combo pretty early right at lv37 with any elemental monkey, just teach then covet with the move tutor on the library and they can learn on their own fling + recycle. And any player how want to speed up the AP achievements will be catching a bunch of then for the evolutionary stone points, heck, we can even get the TMs for fling and thief/covet move tutor pretty early in the game (right after we get surf) and just use it on any random Garbodor/Trubbish (another pretty early and common option). I dunno, maybe is just a coincidence that this combo is actually pretty easily available in the early game or maybe Jan actually planned this? maybe we will never know
  7. So maybe some people here don't know about this, but if you steal a item from the pokemon of another trainer then use fling -> recycle you will keep the item you stoled at the end of the battle. This way by the end game you can have access to almost any battle item. This trick is not new and many peoples know about it but one thing I find funny is that it has been around since the first versions of the game and was never fixed, so i wondered if maybe this trick is intentional since even on endgame is so hard to get good itens in rejuvenation, like, in final fantasy tactic advanced the game expect you to steal the best itens in the game so you can get a edge on the A.I, maybe is the same with Rejuvenation? maybe Jan expects of us to do it so we can have a easier time in the game without the use of external sources like debug mode? because lol, i think in all my playthroug i only found a single focus sash and just one toxic orb (no flame orb for me D:). Is this Jan trying to tell us something?
  8. It actually does from generation 8, and i think it work normally her ebecause it increased the berry hold of many Pokemons like poochyena and rattata, but i think is not coded to work with Moon stone maybe
  9. I have been there for a while with a super luck pidove but till now no luck....
  10. My favorite Reborn mod is the one how allow your pokemons to learn egg moves from the tutor, can this be a feature in the official game? even if is more late game and or be more expensive than just a single heart scale. For me this is not even about the grinding, i just grows too attached to my pokemons to want to swap then for another version with the right moveset :(
  11. Lurantis crest, make the pokemon speed decrease by one level everytime a grass or bug move hits the opponent, everytime the pokemon receive a contact move decrease a random stats by one stage.
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