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  1. I will breed them for you real quick. When I got them, I will message you, then we can arrange a time
  2. I made a list as an example, suit yourself: Ground: Flygon, Mamoswine, Excadrill, Gliscor, Krookodile, Garchomp Dark: Houndoom, Weavile, Hydreigon, Zoroark, Tyranitar Psychic: Espeon, Xatu, Guardevoir, Gallagladi, Sigilyph, Starmie, Metagross
  3. I cleared the game so far, and have completed the pokedex (up to the point where you have all the available mons). I can give you something. You just need to tell me what you need or want to have ^^. In return just give me anything you want. I don't need anything. Just message me, if you are interessted.
  4. You could use the available mods for reborn. There is a functionallity, where you can have a shared pc. This pc can be seen on every safe file. So you can switch mons betweens safe files (would be the easier way in my opinion).
  5. Well you don't cover a lot of type weaknesses and you don't have anything like a setup.... So my advice would be, focus on type Coverage and something like a strategie behind your team. Like: Having a mon with rain dance and another with swift swim, so you have a speed advantage and your water base moves make more dmg. Stuff like that :) If you want, I could trade you some mons, but that would make it easier for you, and it is most likely not as much as an enjoyment. You could rather use the "On the hunt" guide in the forum, to hunt down specific mons. Your
  6. I have to say, I love the variety here and the good ideas
  7. My favorite Type is the Flying Type. My Setup would be like this: Togekiss (Serene Grace) with Baton Pass Setup, with defence IV/EVs Aerodactyl with Mega Stone and Rock Head, with Att/Spd IV/EVs Charizard with Gygantamax (if we are using those) and Solar Power, with Spat/Spd IV/EVs Crobat with Infiltrator, with Att/Spd IV/EVs Gliscor with Hyper Cutter, with Attk/Defence IV/EVs Salamance with Intimidate, with Att/Spd IV/EVs Items: Leftover for Togekiss Life Orb for Charizard Focus Sash on Salamance Quick Claw on Gliscor
  8. The next thing you could try is to use a backup file. Do you know how to do that? If not, here is a way and is also mentioned here: And how to use backup files: You need to go to your saved games under: C:\Users\youruser\Saved Games\\Pokemon Rejuvenation There are a lot of files. One is called Game.rxdata, which is your currently saved files. Now take one that looks like: 'Game - 2195 - Jace - 117h 16m - 14 badges' and rename this one to Game.rxdata, start the game. This should fix it. If not, try one, which is more in the pas
  9. Had the same error once, a re-download fixes it. That's the simpliest solution.
  10. It doesn't crash on my side. I guess you could try to remove one of the mod packets or remove some of the files of the mod packet and try it out, which file or mod does cause the problem like FabulousTransformation or stuff like that. Or you could try to re-download rejuvenation. But the error message implies, and I think this could cause the problem is, while you are walking to the double battle your team gets electrocuted a lot. My guess is, you don't have any pokemons left, but while you are traveling through the arrows on the ground a "cute scene" is triggered, so you can't faint and you a
  11. On the metagross I'm currently running: EV/IV: Attack and Speed on 252 Moves: Zen-Headbut. Bulletpunch, Meteor Mash, Agility Items: Quick Claw When the TMs Earthquake is available I would reconsider the Moveset. Also I think, every moveset relies on your team sync. With this build I rely on 1 agility boost. After that it can sweap a lot of teams. I choose the moveset, because I don't have a lot of steel type moves. You can also choose to change the EV/IV to Attack and HP, so it can tank more. Since I want to be a speedy one, I also have a jolly nature. S
  12. Well you can see underrated in many ways for some players.... so I will name some of the ones I never used until Reborn, but I will also include some I love to use: - Porygon-Z (Never was a huge fan of normal type pokemons) but this one is a glass canon - Kingdra with Switf Swim - Love to Play with Zoroark (High Speed and Special Attack), It can also learn Flamethrower so there are some move variaties. - Volcarona - Gardevoir with Mega Stone - Psiana and Jolteon are not bad - Froslass with an Alola Nintelaes (Also not bad with Special Attack and Speed)
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