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  1. On the metagross I'm currently running: EV/IV: Attack and Speed on 252 Moves: Zen-Headbut. Bulletpunch, Meteor Mash, Agility Items: Quick Claw When the TMs Earthquake is available I would reconsider the Moveset. Also I think, every moveset relies on your team sync. With this build I rely on 1 agility boost. After that it can sweap a lot of teams. I choose the moveset, because I don't have a lot of steel type moves. You can also choose to change the EV/IV to Attack and HP, so it can tank more. Since I want to be a speedy one, I also have a jolly nature. S
  2. Well you can see underrated in many ways for some players.... so I will name some of the ones I never used until Reborn, but I will also include some I love to use: - Porygon-Z (Never was a huge fan of normal type pokemons) but this one is a glass canon - Kingdra with Switf Swim - Love to Play with Zoroark (High Speed and Special Attack), It can also learn Flamethrower so there are some move variaties. - Volcarona - Gardevoir with Mega Stone - Psiana and Jolteon are not bad - Froslass with an Alola Nintelaes (Also not bad with Special Attack and Speed)
  3. I did my breeding with a Larvesta and Flame Body, was near the train station on the tracks and biked there up and down, after 2x up and down, I could go and fetch the next egg :D so at any time I had 1 Larvesta and 4/5 eggs. I breeded, for a almost perfect Beldum, i think for like 3 days or so. Breeding is so time consuming....
  4. Jace3

    Run Ideas

    How about a ditto only run (a full team of dittos) :D
  5. You can get Glameow when you interact with the both salons. This salon (Obsidia Ward): And this one (In South Obsidia), If I remember correctly, this one is also the quest start: There is a little side quest, where you need to show a price difference on both sides. After you did this, you will be rewarded with a Glameow. So it is not hard to get one, if you struggle with it, let me know. Perhaps I could trade you one.
  6. I would also say Pokemon Emerald with the Battle Frontier were also amazing and hard. You would need to train you pokemons in specific IV/EV to even stand a good chance to clear all of the battle frontier to gain your gold medals. So for myself, I consider Pokemon Emerald one of the best games they ever made (even tho I'm a gen 2 fan, because you could have 16 badges for the first time).
  7. I'd be thrilled to know on which one you decided on ;)
  8. Hello there, so for flechtling or rather talonfalme you should go to the desert. Go to the left site of the desert and go up as far as you can. At some point you will encounter a cave (this one): while exploring this cave (you need power gem,rock smash, strength and a move which can cause a gust) you will get to this area: in this are at night you have a high encounter rate of a talonflame (I also looked it up in the code). I was there for like 10 mins: and when you have talonflame, just breed with ditto to get fletchling ;)
  9. Well Furret can learn Batton Pass by level up so you can kinda use it so set up for another Pokemon with an dmg reducing item or an item that prevents K.O. and it got good speed stats. Farfetch can learn some good attacks like Sword Dance and Agility but its base stats are horrible. So to make it reliable you would need to set up a lot... :/ Mothim learns Quiver Dance at level 1 according to bullbapedia, so it can be good in the early game. For Rapidash I used it as a kami kaze Pokemon to one hit something with a fire gem and Flare Blitz, but there are definetly better choices,
  10. I didn't think about this option, good one if it actually works Took a closer look on Emboar.... Its moveset is horrible... So I never played with it but yeah I guess it is worse than Breloom.
  11. Would you have another suggestion for fighting types? I scrolled threw them and I thought this one was the worst one because of its weaknesses.
  12. Alright I can see that. But those were like I said only my opinions and I'm happy you guys are correcting me on these Does someone of you here know how to delete a post or fuse them together? Because it looks like I double posted now.... :/
  13. Oh yeah, I forgot about that :D thanks. But in order to do so, you need to set it up first and Butterfree is almost everytime a one shot. And its base speed is not that high to do so. You would need Trick Room or a Quick Claw proc to do so and it needs to survive.
  14. Well I have some suggestions (note: I will not include pre-evolutions like Pichu or stuff like that) and those are only my opinion: And I try to include 1 of every type ;) - Unown - Delibird - Shedinja (Just for Reborn because I have a feeling, every enemy could have and effective move against you) - Smeargle (At the start of the game, this can be really tough, because you need to farm your moveset) - Luvdisc - Spinda - Farfecht'd - Kricketune - Ledian - Beautifly, Dustox and Butterfree - Wobbuffet (Because you need to guess th
  15. Hello there, so if you want you could 'install' the following Mod packet: With one of these mods you can change your starter pokemon to almost everything you want (some legendaries excluded). And you don't need to use all of them, just delete the ones you don't need. This makes those runs a bit easier. For example you want to do a fary type run, you can just change your starter to an alolan vulpix or something like that :) Hope I could help. If you don't want to use those mods, just message me and I think I could trade you one of those pokemons.
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