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  1. This does only work if he has currently access to the Grand Hall. If he is in the part of the game, where he doesn't have access to the Grand Hall, he could install the shared pc mod, to start a new game, where he can generate those pokemons for himself, and share it with his current game file, threw the shared pc option. Therefore he also should consider to use this packs: But honestly.... I think you are taking the fun out of the game with all those 'strong pokemon requests'. Reborn is designed to be challenging and that is the whole fun of this awesome game (to stra
  2. Well I don't have the RPGXP Project file for reborn.... so I can't do that for you. But what I can do for you, would be, that I could trade you the pokemons which will be missing threw that part.
  3. So I took a look at it... Apparently the ring is not in the place where it should be. After the suicide of the poison gym leader in Beryl Ward the ring should be located in his secret room. But in your save file, it isn't there. In another save file I'm currently at this part and you can have a look for yourself: So now I wonder, what did you do, that you doesn't have it anymore... :/
  4. I mean I will wait for a request :D
  5. I will request a trade. My name is like here: Jace3. I will be waiting. You can trade be a bidoof or something you dont need :)
  6. No problem^^ I don't think it is wrong to ask this stuff. But I guess it is much more fun to accomplish this stuff by yourself.
  7. In Agate City, there is a special house. This person found a "not so known" Pokemon, and she want to identify it. To identify it, you need to complete the current pokedex (with the pokemons current available --> 731 pokemons need to be owned) And you will get some good rewards for the completion. You will also get the "mysterious pokemon". It's this house here: I'd find this content a lot of fun. Because you need to find every pokemon which is currently in the game. While doing that, you will also do most of the sidequests, which is amazing content.
  8. I have a feeling you are asking for a lot of pokemons in here :D Didn't you try to catch one yourself? At the beginning of the game in one of the gang hideouts you can find a Tynamo (not the Aqua or Magma hideout). With some soft resets, it should have some good states. To get the Tynamo a thunderstorm needs to be present. In the Grand Hall you can check the TV, which weather conditions are approaching and change the Date on your computer to the appropiate day. You also need to consider, that the Tynamo can only be found there, before the city restoration happens.
  9. Do I need to level them/IV train them? So that they have 252 in spd and spa/att?
  10. Apparently, the line which crashes my game is the following: sscreen.pbStartLoadScreen(lastsave[0].to_i,lastsave[1],"Save File #{lastsave[0]}") But all it does is locate the last save file and tries to load it...
  11. Hello there, so I wanted to start my game as usual, but suddenly I received an error: Apparently it has nothing to do with my safe files, because it would affect every 13 of them, and I think this can't be possible. Can somone help me, or do I need to re-download the game?
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