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  1. I noticed that when all but 1 of my team is fainted, and i pick up an egg, when it asks me if i want to send a pokemon to the pc, I am able to send my only non fainted pokemon to the pc. So basically I will have a completely fainted team. When i enter a battle the game crashes. Don't know if this was already a known bug but I thought it was worth mentioning either way :)
  2. @Sayia Thank you very much I'm sorry for double posting, I will keep that in mind, thank you for letting me know
  3. Could also someone put a sweet heart in my bag, I used it in the Spyce quest without finishing the sweet heart quest and now i am stuck on that quest Game.rxdata
  4. Hey, I found the Aggronnite, but it does not show up in my bag, can someone fix this for me please? Game.rxdata
  5. Thank you very much, can you tell me how you did that, perhaps I can figure it out on my own next time if it is a small glitch like this
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