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  1. Finding someone to study Japanese with is almost impossible.

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    2. Shad_


      It could be good, why not

    3. Maelstrom


      Ee, soudesune. Nihongo de ore mo takusan wasuremashita. Suji no koto wa totemo taihen desuyo.

      I mean, I guess we could make a discord group or topic to help practice or keep up with our japanese. I've thought about making a thread to post words and things I remember from my classes. I wonder if I still have my old textbooks and workbooks somewhere...

    4. Myst Desdemona

      Myst Desdemona

      Sorry for the late reply, I was swarmed with homework both new and old from when I was hospitalized and then I just crashed.


      @Shad_ If you do feel like it, just send me a message :)


      @Maelstrom 漢字 はとてもめんどくさいです。xD


      Discord or skype or something would work. Perhaps it would be a fun way to keep learning, or at least keep up lol.

  2. I ended up with your shiny croagunk. It had better IVs than the one I hunted myself so I started using it instead. Edit: Funny enough, I also got your Yanma.
  3. Anyone wants to play Pokémon Reborn/Rejuvenation/Desolation etc... and share screens?

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    2. Hect


      Have you thought about how we're gonna share our playthroughs with each other, though? I've got a Youtube channel, but Reborn isn't really what it focuses on, so I don't wanna irritate my audience or anything like that, lol. Could look into streaming it on Twitch, if you want. Or we can do it the old-fashioned way and just send screenshots. Do you have Discord?

    3. Myst Desdemona

      Myst Desdemona

      I do have Discord although I really dislike that program lol.


      I was thinking more along the line of seeing each other simultaneously. No need to record or anything.

      One can share screen through skype while the other uses a free program called Zoom to share his. That's how I do it with my friends when we wanna "play together"

    4. Hect


      I'm not using Skype, unfortunately, so I guess it's gonna be Twitch streaming.

  4. Anyone playing Atlas Reactor?

  5. Nothing wrong with edgy, although with the field effects and the difficulty, you can count me in as a player. Customized shinies and increased shiny chance will cement my status as a player. If you're following Insurgence, alternate form/Deltas would also be great. A game where the player's choices influence the plot/world heavily would be marvelous.
  6. In Reborn and similar games, I make it upon myself to ONLY use shinies. That of course leads me to farm and stumble upon a lot of shinies that I don't care about. I started a new run and I have eight left that neither my siblings nor friend wanted. Shiny Male Buneary lv14 Quiet nature with Run away. (Untouched) Shiny Female Carnivine lv 17 Jolly nature Levitate.(Untouched) Shiny Male Beedrill lv 20 Hardy nature with Sniper.(Untouched) Shiny Male Scatterbug lv20 Adamant nature with compoundeyes.(Untouched) Shiny Male Paras lv21 Bashful nature with Effect Spore(Untouched) Shiny Female Skitty lv41 Mild nature with Normalize (Tossed and forgotten about in the daycare) Shiny Female Pidgey lv 20 Jolly nature with Tangled feet. (Untouched) Shiny Male Ariados lv 26 Rash nature with Insomnia (Used it for the early game.) By Untouched I mean that I just caught, didn't do anything with it or anything else. I would prefer any sort of shiny for the most part. I don't care about IV and the like as long as the main stat isn't red. That's about it, thanks for reading and let me know if you're interested
  7. Why is it so hard to find like-minded people to talk/play with?

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    2. Wolfox


      I would, but gonna go to a movie with some friends

    3. Myst Desdemona

      Myst Desdemona

      I don't mean right this instant, just in general. My siblings and friends are, uh, very non-bingy players/readers, or just don't plain like pokemon.

    4. Wolfox
  8. In my honest opinion, I believe you should go about it the way you envision it. If you want to follow Reborn and Rejuvenations's trail, it means that you found something within those two games that you enjoy. On that point, I agree with Alistair's point: project your inner universe onto the game. That aside, the Pokémon universe is very varied. It ranges from sweet to downright horrifying pokédex entries (Shedinja and Banette being one of my favorite examples). Don't try too hard to be gritty just for the sake of being gritty. The Pokemon verse itself makes that easy to accomplish without. I do believe however that a certain kind of tragedies should occur if you present the threat as actually being dangerous. What I mean is, if you brag in-game about this guy being the worst of all people, a monster among monsters, then I expect him to be able to do horrifying things here in there. This of course is up to you, just my two cents after all. I have played a mass amount of pokemon fangames and a lot of them had something going on for them. Although for me, personally, if the gameplay isn't present, I wouldn't carry on with it for too long. The plot is very important to me, but the gameplay is what would break it or make it in the end. Just go about it however you wish to see it, and try to set a unique tone for your own version. It doesn't have to be reborn/rejuvenation 2.0 if you don't want it to be. On a side note, I really enjoyed and finished the current Desolation demo (Although I did get frustrated at the sky gym for a few battles xD)
  9. I hate to turn this post into a self-help general thing, but I'mstuck, again. The research mission. I can only find one in Teila town, the woman in the ranger outpost, where is the second one? *EDIT: I'm blind. He's hiding under a tree xD
  10. That can't be right lol. I just surfed where you told me on my way to valor mountain and then a random conversation starts and says i finished the quest. I'm guessing it's already reported though. Either way, thank you
  11. Critical Error C0000005 at address 6E033990 That's the error message. I have stumbled across a second problem however, not sure if I should make a new thread for it. The tropius quest in kakori village doesn't seem to start. I accept it, make my way to the tropius (Which isn't in the southernmost like the quest says) and it just says the tropius is content. I've been touring the entire jungle for like an hour and didn't find another Tropius oranything. I tried to cancel the quest and retake it but nothing happened.
  12. It's already closed. I tried again just to be sure, and the error still pops up like a nuisance. The reason I don't use the alt key is that I keep using enter, making he screen go full and then cropping on a small bit of it. I know I could use c but it's a force of habit since I always use enter.
  13. @S.paul Thank you for the reply! I tried that actually, and the save folder is in the correct place. The error still pops up however. I am at the very least able to play the game as long as it is in the second partition,but I'd like to find a solution regardless since I might screw up again in the future and I only have two HDD partitions xD
  14. *UPDATE* So I switched Pokemon Rejuvenation to my second HDD partition, and it suddenly works. That means that something happened with the first partition in accordance to whatever i messed up then. Anyone knows how I can revert whatever it is? Thank you. Hope this is the right sections, since I'm guessing it's not a bug. I was using cheat engine to run the game at x2 speed (Shiny hunting and all). I talked to the kecleon merchant for the sidequest, which is basically impossible at that speed. Either way, I seem to have messed something up and the game doesn't want to start anymore. I tried deleting it, deleting the saved files, restarting my laptop and even downloading the patch for it. No matter what I do, I keep getting this error. Just to recap, the error pops up as soon as the rejuvenation window pops up. No music, intro or nothing. Any help is appreciated
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