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  1. Finding someone to study Japanese with is almost impossible.

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    2. Shad_


      It could be good, why not

    3. Maelstrom


      Ee, soudesune. Nihongo de ore mo takusan wasuremashita. Suji no koto wa totemo taihen desuyo.

      I mean, I guess we could make a discord group or topic to help practice or keep up with our japanese. I've thought about making a thread to post words and things I remember from my classes. I wonder if I still have my old textbooks and workbooks somewhere...

    4. Myst Desdemona

      Myst Desdemona

      Sorry for the late reply, I was swarmed with homework both new and old from when I was hospitalized and then I just crashed.


      @Shad_ If you do feel like it, just send me a message :)


      @Maelstrom 漢字 はとてもめんどくさいです。xD


      Discord or skype or something would work. Perhaps it would be a fun way to keep learning, or at least keep up lol.

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