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    an apology

    *reports post for misleading content*
  2. I had my number of backups only set to one so both of my files were stuck which sucked lol. Luckily someone on another thread was able to move me out of the room with I believe rpgmaker, which also fixes the issue. Thank you though!
  3. It seems to be working perfectly! Thank you so much you don't understand how much I appreciate your help!!
  4. I'll go through them again but I don't think I do. If not would the only other alternative be moving myself out of the soft lock with rpg maker or something similar?
  5. I don't have any save files outside of that room. My only saves are in that room. Any Idea what I can do?
  6. I'm softlocked in the pyramid. Put the map download thing in but I am stuck in the middle of the room. If anyone could fix it I'd appreciate it. Honestly been so frustrated with it. was originally uptop where it asks you to wait and it wouldnt let me switch to the other characters then I hit the blue arrow pad and now I'm completely stuck [EDIT]: The screenshots are spoilers if you aren't up to the pyramid yet thought I would warn everybody https://gyazo.com/149c09a58d2a8156a328f50d51b012f0 https://gyazo.com/8eac7ded4a32e057af94b271244c72ee If so
  7. I'm having the exact same issue let me know if you find a fix
  8. Hmm, hope this is either a prank or it's a sidequest that gives us magikarp xD
  9. Spelling mistake while going over to west gearen on the the boat. Missed* not mised https://gyazo.com/3a79682573b6ca71eb3c56b94749bbad
  10. Fixed my problems just had to use the patch and refresh @coldscars
  11. I got 2 of dem boys ariados but I cant talk to them https://gyazo.com/2f9069da12c071e9034a91e7b10df568 still stuck
  12. Aye bois Im on the third trial for cha boi crawli's gym and I got NO clue what to do. If u wanna help me out, not if u wanna cuz ur gonna do it whether u like it or not I'm gonna need an answer, I don't care if I have to kick a damn puppy. Hit me with a damn answer people of Rejuve. Heres a little showcase https://gyazo.com/f7032d8f081c127c3c00899be4f277d3
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