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  1. I played both paper and online, but I only use online for drafts (pictured is the last deck I drafted. It was a very stompy 3-0. 11 mountains and 6 plains) In paper I play standard, limited formats and modern. Maybe I'll get into legacy in the future. Standard: I play Grixis control at the moment, but I have the resources to make most popular decks I just find Grixis to be the most enjoyable to play and it's very powerful Modern: I also play Grixis control. Sometimes I mix it up with delver. Working on Blue Moon. I miss Twin Anyone plan on drafting Eternal Masters?
  2. Im kinda wondering if people only use status updates as a way of trying to act depressed and get other peoples attention and pity

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    2. Ikaru


      ...t if we just let people do their thing and not concern ourselves with it unless we want to c:

    3. Bearadactyl


      I just post whatever the hell I want. From bitching, to failures, to my all around random awesomeness.

    4. Brave


      What ever game you that idea?

  3. that feel when arams with Saint Vicious that feel when udyr in arams...
  4. Since I haven't been able to find a topic about this yet I'm making one. Magic the Gathering if you didn't get that from MTG. With the upcoming Dragon's Maze set I'm kinda hyped a bit. I've been liking the guilds of Ravnica and this whole block really. The spoilers look pretty neat as well. I was wondering if anyone here played Magic or whatever. It would also be nice to know what kinda sets you played in and what kind of decks you have etc.. General Magic Discussion
  5. Wait to people seriously max hawk shot second on Ashe? Amateurs!
  6. http://www.pokemon.com/pokemonxy/en-us Not even a new form l o l
  7. It looks fine. I think people are over-reacting.
  8. Team complained that we lost because we let the enemy team get Shen even though hes not that great of a pick. Graves quit because everyone giving him too much shit. Had to ADC against 2 bot lane. Still got to my promotion series because the enemy team was shit. It was nice. Everyone is bad at this game.
  9. tfw enemy team picks Nasus top after I already locked in Renekton top for our team Counterpicking yourself is always fun to see. I dont really know what he expected to do top lane besides die
  10. Sejauni is a walking ult The only reason I would pick her up is because of a future rework
  11. Jarvan is really good right now. I'm not sure about OP though. Akali doesn't seem like she needs nerfs to me. If she doesn't snowball she really doesn't do anything. Just an annoying champ. She will probably end up getting nerfed anyway though
  12. As Neo said Im not saying supports are dead weight late game. They ussually provide auras for the team and most of the good supports taric, sona, zyra, lulu etc have a good amount of CC and utility they bring to fights. If you will notice Nidalee is one of the only champs without CC. Sure the heal/auto speed buff is okay but that would literally be all she has. She can poke but what im saying is you have to sacrifice damage for support items. Even something like wota wouldn't help her damage enough to make her poke even slightly scary.
  13. I wasn't bot lane with the Nidalee and the our bot lane won with the Nidalee We eventually lost though because Nidalee did not fit the support role well. There was no wards/support items and her damage/poke was laughable. Absolutely no team fight presence.
  14. To be honest all she has in laning potential Past that she either builds utility and support via wards and bulwark,solari etc and contributes nothing to team fights because she has no utility in her kit Or she builds damage with no farm so she does mild damage with absolutely no utility Her kit isn't for supporting.
  15. If I see one more person playing Nidalee support God damn its worthless //upset
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