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  1. I don't know if this happened to someone else, but if you try to encounter a wild Pokemon while the leading Pokemon in your team has the ability Cute Charm, the game brings up this error and closes. Also according to Orbeetle's moveset, it should learn Psychic at level 36, but it learns the move After You instead, and Orbeetle learns After You at level 40.
  2. One is inside Keneph jungle, near the entrance to Redcliffe town. another is east side of route 2 requiring surf to get. One is on the west side of Silver forest, protected by a boss dunsparce. One is inside the back room of the Blackview trade Centre, where the entrance to the sewers are.
  3. He’s probably by the port which is in the southern part of Blackview City.
  4. The First key can be obtained in the Old Rangers Base in Blackview City. After dealing with the events involving Team Crescent and the Black Foxes having war on the streets, go to this abandoned base and read the journal entries to access the topmost floor of the building and by reading the last journal entry in the area, you get Majira's first Key.
  5. Toucannon's signature move is Beak Blast, which burns the opponent when the user is hit by a physical contact move. Beak Blast's burn effect immensely helps where a mon that has will-o-wisp might not be able to inflict burn on a Pokemon. The physical attackers she has on her team like Cincinno and Lucario rely on physical contact moves, which can be exploited with Beak Blast to half the damage your team would take from their attacks. And to let you know, Toucannon gets Beak Blast upon evolution.
  6. From what the item guide says, you can get it after the tournament, when chapter 14 starts.
  7. Happy Birthday πŸ˜„, i hope that you will have a fun day πŸ˜„πŸ°

    1. Thebossgummy221 games

      Thebossgummy221 games

      Oh thanks for the wishes man, hope you have a fun day too!!

    2. LykosHand


      Thanks! And you're welcome πŸ™‚

  8. sorry about the late response, I know the available events of the game. I honestly wanted to nuzlocke Pokemon Reborn but decided the right time to do so would be after one of my playthroughs on youtube is complete.
  9. Just a question, how difficult is that Muk fight, especially for people who do a Nuzlocke. Also would anyone blame me if I decided to nuzlocke this game because of this playthrough. I know it sounds stupid, but I was wondering.
  10. Just letting you know, spearow learns roost at level 32 and drill peck at level 36. Reborn still uses the USUM moveset.
  11. Didn't work when I loaded it up directly
  12. This happens when I try to enter the train after downloading V9.
  13. Not sure where to post this but after loading up Episode 16 and then when I try to get into the Circus data office, I get a script error and then my game crashes. game.rxdata
  14. bugs

    1. Ice Cream Sand Witch
    2. Absol-lutelty awesome!

      Absol-lutelty awesome!

      Ice Cream beats us all to the freaking punch on everything


    3. Juniper


      Was not even thinking of buggs bunny.

      You're better off searching for ghosts though.

      And you're also better off searching for them using the search bar, rather than the status bar. Of course nobody ever realised they've posted a status so you probably won't read this.

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