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  1. Here is Episode 38 of Pokemon Rejuvenation V13, where we begin with the Help Center Requests of Kristiline Town and some other minor things occur.
  2. Here is Episode 37 of Pokemon Rejuvenation V13, where we get some nice relaxation, reprieve, and minor sidequesting before doing any story progress.
  3. Here is Episode 36 of Pokemon Rejuvenation V13, where we finally enter Kristiline Town to liberate it from the Ice-Type Gym Leader, Angie.
  4. Here is Episode 35 of Pokemon Rejuvenation, where we start of with the Type Null Sidequest and get ourselves a special Pokemon.
  5. Here is Episode 34 of Pokémon Rejuvenation V13, where we find Amber and convince her to give us the Earth Relic and the next gym badge necessary for Valor MT.
  6. Here is Episode 33 of Pokemon Rejuvenation V13, where we head to the next area, Teila Resort.
  7. Here is Episode 32 of Pokemon Rejuvenation V13 where we explore Route 11 and Evergreen Island areas for more encounters and some more ZCells.
  8. Here is Episode 31 of Pokemon Rejuvenation, where we take on the Kakori Gym to obtain our next gym badge, and hopefully more motivation on what to do regarding the Valor Mountain situation.
  9. Here is Episode 30 of Pokemon Rejuvenation, where we head back to the mainland for some optional stuff, such as getting some more TMs. Zcells, encounters, and prepare for the Kakori Gym.
  10. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 😄🍰

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      Thebossgummy221 games

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      No problem at all and you're welcome 😄

  11. Here is Episode 29 of Pokemon Rejuvenation V13, which took some time to publish, but we do some of the Kakori Village Help Center Requests.
  12. Here is Episode 28 of Pokemon Rejuvenation, where we head to the Sheridan Wetlands Secret Shore to join up with Crawli when he had sent an SOS signal to the rangers, but then we reunite with Ren in the Facility and have to chase him down!!!
  13. Here is Episode 27 of Pokemon Rejuvenation, where we meet up with Crawli to decide on our next steps, head up to Route 5 to confront Zetta, and learn that both him and Geara are biding for time for the next part of their plan. And then defend the beach against some Dexoys meant to waste our time and learn more about the Relics needed for Valor Mountain.
  14. Here is Episode 26 of Pokemon Rejuvenation, where we continue through the jungle and then fall into some sort of trouble dealing with Geara and Zetta.
  15. Here is Episode 25 of Pokemon Rejuvenation V13, where we crash onto Terajuma Island and eventually get ourselves the next Gym badge.
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