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  1. I'm not great with coming up with strategies for other teams, but I will say that Electric Terrain is a great way to get rid of her field advantage. Give Manetric an Amplified Rock to increase how long the terrain lasts. From there, its just a matter of having a counter for each of her pokemon. Her biggest advantage is her field.
  2. So I've recently realized that I'm trans, so I want to change my character's gender and model to better fit my own. I was hoping to change my character's gender to female, and swap the model to the girl with black hair. Is there any way to do this?
  3. Sure, I can send one over. Are you available right now?
  4. Sure thing! Give me 5 minutes, and I'll send one your way
  5. Yeah, I've got one with pretty good IV's I can give, but its only lvl 1. That ok?
  6. Gimme 5 mins and I'll have one ready for you.
  7. I'm gonna tell you now, this is probably going to be a constant problem for you. Reborn isn't the kind of game where you can use the same team and strategy for every fight, not until late game where you have your perfect team. You gotta be flexible. In situations like this, you nee to either use their field to your advantage, or break it and make your own.
  8. Alright, I'll send a trade request over right away.
  9. I got one I can give you. You available to trade rn?
  10. I beat her in doubles pretty easily. Had my Tangrowth use Grassy Terrain to destroy her field and Hariyama to set up sun, then swept her with Tangrowth + Leafeon. Her big advantage is the speed and power boost she gets from the water, so your best bet it to take that away from her.
  11. Havuhk

    LF Poipole

    Not a problem. I've got a completed pokedex and too much free time, so feel free to send me a message if you need anything else
  12. Havuhk

    LF Poipole

    Sure, its no biggie. Username is Havuhk, I'll log on now to trade
  13. Havuhk

    LF Poipole

    I've got a pretty good one. Its a lvl 51 Naganadel. IVS: HP - 29 Attack - 31 Defense - 31 SP Attack - 26 SP Defense - 31 Speed - 27
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