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  1. Just to let you guys know - I'm still here, occasionally stalking the forum as a guest every now and then, but with exams and work and hospital stuff, I'm just not my best right now. But my summer starts in a month's time, and I promise I'll be on more then!

    1. Aurorix


      Look forward to seeing you more here!~ :3

    2. BlueMoonIceCream


      Exciting news for the future :3

  2. Apologies for my three month disappearance, I've had major surgery, but I'm (pretty much) back on my feet now!

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    2. BlueMoonIceCream


      WELCOME BACK! You don't know me but I don't see why that would matter because I still think it's good to see ya

    3. Cyaloom


      Welcome Back!

    4. Rosesong


      Welcome back! Good to see that you're back on your feet!

  3. Back from my adventure to SunnyCon; bruised, exhausted and struggling to find homes for all my new merch!

  4. 4 hours of level grinding later...I really need to improve my strategy; 'Lava Plume Everything' isn't as reliable as it used to be...

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    2. Maelstrom


      But I just want to watch the world burn.

    3. AuthorReborn


      It did just occur to me how good Amnesia Camerupt would be on the glitch Field... that's like a Nasty Plot and an amnesia...

    4. Shynx


      I have tried EQ, tried Dragonbreath/tail, Wake-up Slap, Poison Fang...

      Basically for the past four months I've had Noel beat me in a variety of different ways against a variety of different teams, and the only thing that seems to work is letting my overlevelled Typhlosion do his thing...

  5. ...whoops I knew I was bound to make a mistake eventually, looks like I didn't read the rules well enough Sorry about that, mods; I'll remember next time!
  6. Aww, to be honest, gifting things is more my way of making room for more projects, if I kept everything I made then I'd never have room to start more projects
  7. Ohhh, my three best friends are biologists! Given that I've been getting dissection selfies from them for the last two years, yes, I totally agree It can be really time-consuming, I'm halfway through crocheting the Dratini Evolutionary series in a plushy-style and Dragonair is slowly driving me to distraction But when you sit back at the end and look at a finished project, or watch a friend unwrap a personalised gift, it's all worth it!
  8. I agree, it's a philosophy that has served me well for quite a few years now
  9. Math isn't everyone's cup of tea, but that and my physics classes definitely give me a head start in learning to leave my sanity at the door Blame Eterna for my icon, he picked it jk
  10. Everything Eterna knows about being lame...he probably learned from me, I am a highly strange and boring creature Shinx is a very cool pokemon, and it's evolved form is my username on lots of social media platforms, but Sableye was the reason I originally played my first Pokémon game, I just fell in love with it... I will most definitely check out the RP forum! (No saying I'll have the confidence to post but I'll try) I suppose this place is like Wonderland right? I'm so glad I'm not gonna have to dig out my sanity (I don't think I could find it if I tried)!
  11. Hello~! I'm Shynx! So, um, introductions have never really been my forté, I'm normally more of a shy person (so sorry if I come across a little weird, being 'confident' is not my thing)...but I'll give it a go! I'm a maths student from England as well as an avid gamer, reader, writer, cosplayer and knitter/crocheter (which sounds weird, I know, but it's more fun than you'd think! ). I can't remember a point in my life where I haven't been obsessed with Pokémon, and Reborn has been a favourite for a year or two now! I was encouraged to join the forum by a cousin, who has endured me uselessly bashing my skull (metaphorically of course) against every obstacle in the game for months. I'm one of those gamers that doesn't really do competitive battling much, I just sort of plod along through the games filling up my 'dex and learning dungeons like the back of my hand with the occasional gym battle to enable more sightseeing xD My favourite pokemon is Sableye. Eterna is my long-suffering cousin and has been subject to possibly every game-related rant under the sun. But anyways, that's all about me for now, thanks for reading and apologies for the rambling!
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