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    Generally gaming revolving around thinking and acting. My favorite franchises are Pokemon, Super Smash Brothers, and Legend of Zelda. I also love to write out my own ideas and have a rather easy time with Math concepts. My favorite pastime is writing down video game ideas. I hope to soon become a designer or programmer.

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  1. Well, my username says it all: Genesect. Surprisingly, the movie did nothing for my love of Genesect. I've just always loved technology so much, even when I was a kid, I was obsessed with trains rather than dinosaurs. Genesect was just perfect for me, and I love it very much, for whatever reason it may be. However, the runner up would be Mewtwo. Movies, anime, manga, games, theories, etc. Mewtwo has had a dark backstory, but it teaches some very valuable lessons, both sci-fi wise, and philosophical. His quote has always stuck with me, and the fact that he's also pretty much the most powerful Pokemon besides Smogon-breaking Mega Rayquaza, he/she/it will always be another one of my favorites.
  2. But that's the anime. Logically speaking, though, he's right. And wrong. Pikachu is one of those odd ones, so it could go either way. Really, it's more up to Gamefreak.
  3. Yeah, but I see him more or less as a weird Super-Boss/Gym Leader mix. He probably would have a mega Milotic, though.
  4. Well, my last post about this had something happen to it, or didn't go up at all, so let's try this again: So, I've been sort of intrigued by how much Steven changed from RSE and ORAS, since RSE was in fact my first Pokemon game, specifically Sapphire. Since seeing the redesign, I've thought of how the other champions could be redesigned and given new Mega Evolutions for their "mains/aces." Feel free to give your ideas and opinions, and as a note, I will give pictures of the most recent artwork for each Champion as reference. Also given are a few stat and Ability changes for Megas, but those are more or less speculation/personal thoughts. Red: While not truly a "champion," since he gave that position to Lance, he would still be very challenging to face and maybe have the title of "Pokemon Master." Very little change to his FRLG design, as it may be simple, but it is still very effective. The major design change would be his badge on his right, where I think he should he should hold his Key Stone, straight in the center. His Mega would be Pikachu. (Lot of explaining here, just as FYI, so skip if not interested) Now, normally Mega Stones are given to the last evolution, but Pikachu may be the only difference, since he is both the mascot and my take between Mega Pikachu and Mega Raichu is that Mega Pikachu would be a pure powerhouse who is weak to Sucker Punch, Extreme Speed, and Sticky Web/Choice Scarfed Pokemon. Meanwhile, Raichu would still have good attack power, but be more based around a balanced attacker who could take a few hits. Pikachu stats: HP: 35; Attack: 155; Defense: 40; Sp. Atk.: 140; Sp. Def.: 50; Speed: 160; Ability: Shock Crash: Recoil moves do 1.2x damage. Raichu stats: HP: 60; Attack: 100; Defense: 90; Sp. Atk.: 150; Sp. Def.: 90; Speed: 120; Total: 610; Ability: Shock Guard: Recoil moves no longer have recoil damage. Type: Electric/Dark Blue: This guy's artwork changes A LOT. I think that the HGSS look is his best design, although, maybe his FRLG look might work best as well. Maybe combine the two together? His Key Stone would most likely be a bracelet, although it's tough to say. As his Ace, Blastoise would work, since he's most commonly known for having a Blastoise as most people chose Charmander as their starter. (I'm not sure how to resize images, so sorry.) Lance: Most likely would stay the same with his design, the only addition being a Key Stone on either a Bracelet, or my preferred thought: his cape links, maybe in the center. His mega would obviously be Dragonite, and here's my idea for mega Dragonite: HP: 91; Attack: 134; Defense: 100; Sp. Atk.: 100; Sp. Def.: 100; Speed: 100; Total: 625; Ability: Megascale: The first super-effective move used against this pokemon will do ¼ damage. Includes Entry Hazards. Cynthia: Again, little change to her design, just put a Key Stone around her fur cufflinks, and her Mega would be Garchomp, obviously. Alder: While I personally think that Benga should take over him as champion, and Alder roams around, like Steven in Emerald, His design will yet again not change at all, except for maybe a second necklace with a Keystone, or Benga having a belt with a large Keystone in the center. Whoever would become champion would still have a Mega Volcarona: HP: 85; Attack: 60; Defense: 70; Sp. Atk.: 150; Sp. Def.: 115; Speed: 120; Ability: Double Dance: Uses “dance moves” twice, with some differences. Affected moves: Quiver Dance; Fiery Dance: Second use only has 40% power. Iris: Maybe add some purple here and there, and make her crown a little more "outstanding," with a Key Stone on it as well. Her mega would be Haxorus: Type: Dragon/Steel; HP: 76; Attack: 157; Defense: 120; Sp. Atk.: 60; Sp. Def.: 90; Speed: 87 (Makes it to where you MUST use Dragon Dance first thing, as it seems a little OP in some areas.); Ability: Jagged Claws: Physical moves will always hit for at least 1x damage. So, any thoughts from you guys?
  5. I've just recently looked at this, and it seems pretty cool. Not sure what differences there are Metagame-wise yet, but I'm sure I'll figure it out as time goes on. So, I guess I'll give my introduction: I tend to like games that focus more on think-and-act policies, such as Pokemon, Super Smash Bros., and Legend of Zelda, my three most loved franchises. I also think logically, but have a sort of philosophical side to me that comes out every so often, and I like to write down my ideas and make new ones. So, I hope this game is pretty good, as it seems it would be, and I hope I can make new friends here.
  6. StriderGenesect-StriderGenesect Guess I'm lucky, huh?
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