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  1. So just curious what others think of my team. Keep in mind it's already swept bracket 1 with a record of 3-0 and it project to do the same til Bracket 5.
  2. So kinda wanna see what everyone thinks. Keep in mind the team is currently 3-0 taking out bracket 1 this weekend.
  3. Restarting yet again. I must keep the streak alive. Same card and sprite.
  4. So I've been recently messing around with some randoms pokes when I came across this thing. Now normally you see it and you're like "Eh, it's just a weak normal type." I thought the same thing, but this thing has some serious power. Being a normal type it's movepool for physical attack's is nuts. It's main STAB moves are Fake-Out and Return. Keep in mind as well, this thing has some serious speed. Not only does it get Fake Out, but due to it's speed can kill with Return. It can also tank well if you Assault Vest it with a full attacking set. (I.E Play Rough, Knock Off, Fake Out, Return.) It also has 2 abilities that can be useful. Thick Fat and Defiant. If your opponent lowers your stats while you have defiant you get an attack boost. If they are using Fire or Ice attacks you reduce the damage. Now keep in mind as well, it's defenses are very subpar. Base 64 Def and 59 Sp. Def. So while it's not the tankiest pokemon it can deal some major damage before it goes down. What do you guys thing? Have you found other pokemon that are like Purugly? What do you think of Purugly in general? I'd love to hear your thoughts.
  5. Restarting due to a few flaws that are being corrected. Same Trainer card and sprite as before.
  6. Well I started off with Oshawott. If you wanna know how I got Snivy you'll have to watch.
  7. Thanks I fixed it. The first 4 episodes are good, but no spoilers.
  8. So for those of you unaware of the Team Rocket challenge I will list the rules below. I will also be making updates when new videos are posted. I simply request that you leave feedback here and on the video. Enjoy. If anyone also has feedback about how I should commentate to keep it lively just let me know. I'll try to implement it. Episode 1 Episode 2 Episode 3 Episode 4 RULES 1.) Other than the starter, the only types allowed are: Poison, Bug, Dark, Ghost, Ground, and certain Normal Types. (Ratatta or Region Equivalent, Meowth, Lickitung, Kangaskhan.) 2.) You're allowed to steal the last Pokemon of any important character. (I.E Gym Leaders, Rivals, Elite 4 Members, Enemy Bosses, Legendary Pokemon Owners.) If a stolen Pokemon Faints it is considered "Freed" and must be released. 3.) All accessible trainers must be defeated before you may move on to another area. 4.) Crush all Enemy Team Members. 5.) You may trade only with trainers participating in the challenge. 6. Your mission is complete when all available Legendary Pokemon of the Region are captured. (Events excluded.)
  9. Jan have you made the changes we talked about?
  10. It makes me happy that this thread got some attention in my absence.
  11. Avalugg. Based Coffee Table. Nuff said
  12. After the battle with Venam and Saki (If you don't pick Melia) Amber still mentions that Melia teamed with you even though she doesn't.
  13. If you walk against this wall you can get up here. http://gyazo.com/930ef753758bda82866dd49bfaf8fe2d In the Pokemon Breeder Dibby battle on the boat escaping from the prison. Her Audino doesn't attack back. This is likely a scripting issue. End of Episode 4 message still displays after beating Victoria for the Dewdrop Badge in V5. Missing Battlefields in Battles taking place after Victoria.
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