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  1. Jeez Adrienne was not easy. Xe gave me quite a struggle ngl and I was getting rather salty last night trying to beat that fight lol. I didn't have any SE moves against fairies as I didn't want to use up a heart scale to reteach qwilfish poison jab but I figured my pokemon would hit hard enough or take advantage of the secondary weaknesses. The frustrating part was that I had to make sure certain things didn't happen or else I'd lose.


    -Whimsicott couldn't pull off tailwind, as it'd blow away the mist field and make camerupt's eruption useless

    -kecleon had to pull off trick room so donphan/sudowoodo/ camerupt can actually do damage without getting killed immediately by dazzling gleams

    -qwilfish leading to intimidate granbull, but switching out to decidueye so Gradevoir wouldn't OHKO with psychic

    -decideye lasting long enough to KO both Gardevoir and Whimsicott. This I had trouble with at first due to it being inconsistent as to whether Granbull would KO her or not, since Granbull is slow enough to outspeed decideueye in TR. I sort of bypassed this by giving her an iron ball which allowed her to KO whimsicott before granbull could KO.

    -Adrienne was unpredictable after I KO'd whimsicott, as sometimes Xe would send out Togekiss but othertimes would switch to Mawile. Then there were times when she'd switch out Granbull after sending one of those two out to the other one. I had Camerupt to deal with Mawile, and sudowoodo for Togekiss. However if Mawile came out while Sudowoodo was red, it'd use sucker punch for an easy kill. 

    -I planned to use donphan for Florges, as two earthquakes hit hard enough to beat her, but I kept running into the issue of trick room expiring by then. 


    I got down to just Florges several times but trick room would expire and she'd just wreck donphan at that point. Since my team is very physical oriented, granbull and mawile's intimidation would hurt our damage output and thus mess up our pace. As long as I was able to get Camerupt on the field megaMawile wasn't too big an issue but Togekiss/Granbull/Florges were the big problems for this fight. TBH, I got lucky on my winning attempt as Adrienne switched out Granbull(who was like -2 from intimidate off qwilfish) into Mawile when I used eruption so it died immediately and Togekiss landed a critical dazzling gleam on Camerupt...who had anger point lol. This resulted in Camerupt turning into the incredible hulk and clobbering Granbull/Florges(and almost my team lol) with earthquake since trick room was still up. Togekiss was taken care of by sudowoodo(who then got KO'd to camerupt lol) and while Florges did survive with a little HP donphan finished her off. Kind of crazy how Camerupt's anger point won back that fight. 



    1. Dark Champion

      Dark Champion

      Adrienne is usually a tough battle. Fairy types face a lot of prejudice when it comes to opinions on the strongest type. Fairy types, however, are strong in many ways, and Adrienne has 6 extremely strong Fairy Types. Plus, xe actually uses Mega Mawile to completely annihilate your team. Plus, the field. Do I even have to explain the toughness of the field? No, I don't. Good job though. Have fun with Titania! She is my second favorite Gym Leader.

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